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When you buy a used car, it makes sense to find a used car for sale locally, so you can take your time to look around it, think about it and then pop back for a test drive before finally making up your mind. Our customers often tell us that they wanted to find a used car ‘near me’, which is why they chose Brayleys with our dealerships in Hertfordshire, north London, Essex and Buckinghamshire.

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Brayleys has a lot more advantages than offering used cars for sale locally, however. Brayleys is a highly professional multi-franchise dealership for some exceptional brands, like Honda, Kia, Dacia, Renault and Mazda, so if a used car goes on the road with our name on it, we always make sure it’s of the highest quality, has been stringently checked for any issues with its reliability or safety, and that it’s undergone a thorough background check, so you know just what you’re buying. What’s more, you’ll get a package of Brayleys used car benefits, like warranty and roadside assistance. Come and find your used car for sale locally at Brayleys.

Used Cars at Brayleys

  • Used Honda at Brayleys

    Explore approved used Honda cars at Brayleys...

    Used cars at Honda BrayleysUsed Honda

  • Used Kia at Brayleys

    Explore approved used Kia cars at Brayleys...

    Used Kia cars at Brayley KiaUsed Kia
  • Used Mazda at Brayleys

    Explore approved used Mazda cars at Brayleys

    Used Mazda cars at Brayley MazdaUsed Mazda
  • Used Renault at Brayleys

    Explore approved used Renault cars at Brayleys

    Explore Used Renault at BrayleysUsed Renault
  • Used Dacia at Brayleys

    Explore approved used Dacia cars at Brayleys

    Explore used Dacia at BrayleysUsed Dacia

Brayleys – the local used car specialist with main dealer credentials

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