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The Benefits of Choosing Electric

Making the switch from traditional petrol or diesel power to electric is one that enables you to take advantage of a number of benefits. From reducing your impact on the environment to improved and more cost-effective running costs, such a switch has never been more appealing, particularly with the growing number of models from which to choose. There’s government subsidies available to help make purchasing more affordable than ever too, while exemption from road tax and congestion charges makes switching to electric hugely appealing.

Key Benefits

  • Improved running costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Fewer maintenance issues
  • Government grants for purchasing

    Mild-hybrid Mild hybrid vehicles are those that feature a small battery motor that helps to boost performance of a traditional combustion engine, thereby improving fuel economy. They are also self charging via a process known as regenerative braking.
    Plug-in hybrid A plug-in hybrid comes with a larger battery that requires charging via a suitable outlet either at home or in public. The capacity of the battery often enables you to run in all-electric mode for a limited range too, with up to 40 miles possible.
    All-electric As the name suggests, all-electric models run on battery power alone, with zero CO2 emissions and great running costs. They do, of course, require regular charging at both domestic and public charging points.


    What is the best hybrid car?

    Identifying the best hybrid car comes down to a number of factors that are personal to you. For instance, you may require a model that offers plenty of interior space or one that can achieve the greatest range in all-electric mode. You should therefore look at all the available options or discuss with a member of the team at Brayleys Mazda today.

    How long does it take to charge an electric car?

    This depends on the make and model, as well as the charging solution in use. For most electric cars, charging overnight at home is the most cost-effective means, while high-powered public charge points can return your battery to an 80% capacity in under an hour. 

    How does an electric car work?

    An electric car works by using a battery motor to power the vehicle. It takes its charge from the electrical grid and requires charging via a suitable outlet. Since there is no combustion engine, there are no CO2 emissions either, meaning choosing an electric car is kinder on the environment. 

    Are electric cars automatic?

    Essentially, yes. There’s no need for a traditional transmission, so the driving experience is comparable to driving an automatic. 

    How far can an electric car go?

    Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, and also the conditions and driving style adopted, the overall range of an electric car varies. The best way to learn is to click through to the individual listing pages or discuss with a member of the Brayley Mazda team today.

    Other Electric Services. Got a question or need help with an electric vehicle? Contact the team at Brayley Mazda today to learn more about the range of models and services available. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you source the perfect vehicle.