ZOE e-Sport Concept

Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept

The electric supermini with supercar performance and race car handling

The new Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept is the ZOE taken to the extreme, and it shows not just what Renault is capable of, but what an electric car is capable of. With more than 450 hp and a chassis built for the racetrack, it has been directly influenced by Renault’s three years of success in the FIA Formula E Championship, the pinnacle of electric car motorsport. Now, Renault Sport has created the pinnacle of electric supermini performance and proven how good the standard Renault ZOE really is.

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Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept Design

Unrivaled performance

The two-seater ZOE e-Sport concept mirrors the look of the latest Renault single-seater Formula E racers, and its colour is similar to the livery of the e.dams team cars. However, it’s actually been designed to sit midway between a production model and a racing car. The e-Sport’s body is made of carbon fibre, helping it to weigh just 1,400 kg, including the 450 kg battery, and the electric motors produce 340 kW, which translates to almost 460 hp and 640 Nm of torque. What that means is this concept Renault ZOE – unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show – can accelerate from a standstill to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds and go on to well over 130 mph.

Renault ZOE eSport Concept Models

From track to road

The Renault ZOE concept is an electric car that’s perfect for lovers of extreme driving sensations – just like any Renault, except more so! The standard ZOE is agile and exciting to drive, thanks to instant power from its state-of-the-art electric drive system and sporty suspension. With a real-world range of around 186 miles in the summer (and slightly less in the winter) from its new Z.E.40 longer-range battery and a new, improved suite of connected services that make electric motoring easier, including Z.E. Trip and Z.E. Pass, it’s hardly surprising that the ZOE is the best-selling electric car in Europe. To test drive the ZOE and experience its sporty drive, please call or send us an enquiry. Alternatively, check out our Renault ZOE offers.

Renault ZOE eSport Concept Spec

Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept specification:

  • Twin electric motors provide nearly 460 hp and torque of 640 Nm
  • 0–62 mph in 3.2 seconds and 0–130 mph in under 10 seconds
  • Carbon fibre and Kevlar construction; weight of 1,400 kg
  • Lowered ride height, wider tracks and four-wheel drive
  • Double-wishbone suspension, 20-inch wheels, bigger brakes and Öhlins four-way adjustable dampers
  • Recaro bucket seats with racing harness and Formula E-style controls
  • Four driving modes to adjust balance between performance and range

Renault ZOE: an electrifying drive

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