Renault Clio History Video

History of the Renault Clio

Renault Clio: découvrez la saga!

A 25-year history full of significant landmark successes marks out the history of the Renault Clio. This new video from Renault shows you just how the Clio has evolved, and condenses those amazing 25 years and four generations of the Renault Clio into a mere 48 seconds. Take a look at the video for the history lesson of Clio’s lifetime.

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With total sales of 13 million units worldwide since 1990, the Clio has won European Car of the Year twice and was the first car to achieve this record. No other French car has sold so well across the world and, in fact, the Renault Clio was the best-selling French car for 18 years out of its 25-year history. Moving with the times, the current Clio is packed with technology for connectivity, infotainment, safety and efficiency, but the ethos of being a small car with all the refinement and comfort of larger models has stayed the same. Watch the video and if you hunger to know a little more about Clio, give us a call and we’ll arrange a test drive for you.

Watch the Renault Clio History Video

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