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Mazda announces its electric car plans and the return of the rotary

Mazda announces EV range-extender

Mazda's Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 Vision

Mazda has announced that 2020 will see the arrival of its first-ever electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its ‘Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030’ long-term development programme. Initially, they will be launching two models, one will be battery powered and the other will pair a battery with a new rotary engine range-extender.

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The range-extender will eliminate range-anxiety plaguing current electric-vehicle users by recharging the battery when required and adding 111 miles to the total range.

The rotary-powered range-extender can also burn liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and provide a source of electricity in an emergency. Mazda hope that, as part of their ‘Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030’ vision, that they will be in a position to send EVs to areas affected by natural disasters to provide LPG-generated electricity.

In addition to the use of alternative fuels such as liquified petroleum gas, hydrogen and compressed natural gas, Mazda continues to research and investigate the viability of recyclable liquid fuels such as biofuels from microalgae growth.

Mazda sees recyclable liquid fuels as critical in achieving carbon neutrality of the internal combustion engine and is already involved in a number of joint research projects and studies as part of an ongoing industry-academia-government collaboration in Japan.

With the expectation that internal-combustion engines paired with a form of electrification will account for 95% of its vehicles in 2030 and the remaining 5% will be battery powered, Mazda continues with its aim to maximise the efficiency of its internal-combustion engines with innovative solutions such as the new spark-free ignition on their latest SKYACTIV-X petrol engines.

They will also be fully utilising the benefits of electric drive in its ongoing commitment to Hashiru Yorokobi – the ‘exhilaration of driving’ – through its Jinba Ittai philosophy.

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