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Mazda 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary of Mazda Rotary Engines

Discover Mazda rotary engines from 1967 to the Mazda RX-8

It was 1967, when Mazda launched the first rotary-engined car, the Mazda Cosmo. Marking the 50th anniversary of Mazda rotary engines on production models and on the race track, Mazda has brought together all of its rotary engine models in one place, the Mazda UK headquarters showroom. Here’s your chance to take a look at these beautiful cars, including recent models the Mazda RX-7 and Mazda RX-8, both powered by Mazda rotary engines.

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So, what’s so special about Mazda rotary engines? Mazda has passionately supported rotary engine research and development for over 50 years and made significant investment in the technology because of the enormous potential for rotary engines to power more environmentally friendly cars. As a leader in rotary engine technology, Mazda is looking to use its groundbreaking research and expertise in conjunction with the development of new hydrogen and hybrid models. Rotary engines make use of the rotation of triangular rotors to generate power, rather than exploiting reciprocating pistons, as are found in conventional car engines.

Amongst other exciting models, the video shows the RX-3, famous for its racetrack success, and a first-generation Mazda RX-7.

Take a look at the video to discover more about Mazda rotary engines and the display at Mazda’s HQ:

Mazda rotary engines and the beautiful cars they power

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