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Mazda MX-3: From One Family to Another

When Roy Allen retired from his job in October 1995, John Major was still prime minister, Andy Murray was 8 years old and Microsoft had just released its Windows 95 software.

A lot has changed in the world since then, and in the Allen household too, but one constant in the Allen’s life during that time has been the Mazda MX-3 which Mr Allen bought as a gift for his wife on his retirement.

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Explains Mr Allen, now a sprightly 82-years-young, ‘On retiring I wanted to treat my wife, and settled on this great little sports car, the Mazda MX-3. It was a pretty little coupe with a fabulous V6 engine, leather interior and a sunroof and it looked just the ticket. Best of all, it was produced by Mazda, so I knew reliability was guaranteed. I even ordered a special number plate, N500JKA, which featured my wife’s initials – Jennifer Kathleen Allen.’

For twenty-two years the car gave faithful service, but a period of ill health for Mrs Allen earlier this year caused a dilemma. ‘We had no plans to sell the car, which is running as sweetly as ever, but we have another car and with my wife no longer driving it seemed a waste to leave it unused in the garage. Despite having only covered 46000 miles, we knew from our research that its market value was limited and we were keen for it to go to a good home where its rarity and condition would be appreciated, rather than to someone who just saw it as an old car and would run it into the ground. That’s where Brayleys in Milton Keynes came in.’

‘Brayleys is first and foremost a family business,’ explains Richard Lodge, General Manager of the Milton Keynes site. ‘We have a passion for cars that goes beyond the commercial, and as soon as I saw Mr Allen’s car I knew it was something we should buy, even though I didn’t at the time know what to do with it!’

Mr Allen’s MX-3 has since made it into the Brayley Mazda showroom where it is already attracting admiring comments. ‘Some people on site thought that putting an old car in the showroom was madness, but as soon as we brought it in, everyone knew it was the correct thing to do. Paul Brayley, the founder of the business, called into the showroom the other day and was stunned by its condition. The car is a great ambassador to the Mazda brand as well as a testimony to the value of the care lavished upon it by Mr and Mrs Allen. They are both fantastic people, friends as well as customers, and we wish them every happiness in the future.’

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