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Kia Autonomous Cars

Kia is investing in technology and research with the aim to add partially autonomous cars to its range by 2020

Kia are in the initial stages of research and development into fully-autonomous cars. To meet their target, they are currently developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to create partially autonomous cars.

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As part of Kia's investment into its next generation smart vehicles, Kia is developing a new system of technologies to allow for safe partial autonomous driving. These technologies focus on three main categories:

‘Recognition’: New sensors to read the road ahead, detect other vehicles and hazards and identify poor driving conditions.

'Judgement:' Advanced computing systems that allow the car to make decisions based on the information gathered by the sensors.

'Control:' Active electronic and mechanical systems that allow the vehicle to carry out the decisions made by the advanced computing system.

Other technologies currently under development include:

Highway Driving Assist
Automatically maintains a safe distance from the car in front, keeps the car in its lane, adapts to the speed limit and assists in safely overtaking cars on the motorway.

Traffic Jam Assist
Uses the Kia’s many sensors to track the vehicle in front in moderate to heavy traffic. Traffic Jam Assist is designed to make driving on congested roads less stressful.

Smart Parking Assist System
Enables the car to park itself in parallel or perpendicular spaces with minimal driver input.

Remote Advanced Parking Assist System
Vehicles can park themselves with a press of the smart key button.

The Vice President at the Central Advanced Research and Engineering Institute of Hyundai Motor Group, Tae-Won Lim, said, “Fully-autonomous vehicles are still some way off, and a great deal of research and rigorous product testing will need to be carried out to make the ‘self-driving car’ a reality. Kia is still in the early stages of developing its own technologies, and we are confident that the latest innovations – both partially and fully autonomous – will ultimately make driving safer for everyone.

Kia’s partially autonomous cars: arriving by 2020

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