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Our top SUVs for winter

When the going gets tough, our SUVs are ready to get going

Winters in the UK can cause all sorts of problems for motorists. Yet, surprisingly, many drivers don’t think about the advantages of having an SUV to ensure that they can go about their business or pleasure safely and without disruption, whatever the weather does. Being a multi-franchise dealership group, Brayleys can supply Honda SUVs, Kia SUVs, Renault SUVs, Mazda SUVs and Dacia SUVs, all of which can offer you a multitude of advantages when it comes to braving the worst of British winters. Just contact us to find out more about the range of SUVs we can offer you.

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What’s so good about driving an SUV in winter?

For starters, there’s the big advantage of four-wheel or all-wheel drive. Put simply, it means that your SUV will put the torque where it needs to go through each axle or wheel to maximise traction on snow and ice, thereby making you and other road users safer, as well as ensuring that you can make your journey and arrive at your destination in even the most atrocious weather conditions.

An SUV offers increased ride height, meaning overall improved all-round vision, important when visibility is reduced due to the weather conditions. Additionally, you’re less likely to get yourself stuck by grounding in heavy snow and slush.

Generally, you’ll find that an SUV is more rugged than the average city car, so it can cope better with whatever you throw at it and in it. Indeed, the spacious interior and luggage area mean that you can easily pack all those winter extras, like a shovel, blanket, emergency food and water, etc.

And when you’ve chosen your new SUV, we suggest you think about fitting winter tyres. Once temperatures drop below seven degrees Centigrade, normal tyres can start to harden and they become less effective. Winter tyres are made from a special compound that allows them to be far more effective in maintaining grip, and they could reduce your stopping distance by some 11 metres.

An SUV with four-wheel drive, its increased ride height, its extra toughness and kitted out with a set of winter tyres is surely your best ally as winter bites. Take a look at the excellent range of SUVs on offer from Brayley Cars below.

Our best SUVs for winter driving


Honda CR-V:

Honda CR-V Winter

This is the car for you if like a little executive class with your SUV, 4x4 capability. And a lot of people agree too, as the Honda CR-V is the world’s best-selling SUV. Spacious and boasting excellent equipment levels, the Honda CR-V should certainly be on your SUV test-drive list.

Discover the CR-V

Mazda CX-3:

Mazda CX-3 Winter

With its highly efficient all-wheel drive system, the Mazda CX-3 has been designed for beauty on the outside and comfort on the inside. Thanks to SKYACTIV vehicle dynamics and G-vectoring control, the CX-3 is optimised for performance in all weathers.

Check out the CX-3

Mazda CX-5:

Mazda CX-5

Larger than its more compact little brother, the CX-5 holds the 2017 Best Large SUV Award in the What Car? Car of the Year. The i-ACTIV all-wheel drive employs 27 sensors to ensure that just the right amount of torque is sent to the rear wheels and keeps on doing so at a rate of 200 times every second – that’s Mazda technology in action to ensure your safety.

More on the CX-5

Kia Sportage:

Kia Sportage Winter

Striking good looks and a sporty stance come with this SUV along with its intelligent all-wheel drive system. There’s also an array of other safety and assistance features available, such as hill start assist, autonomous emergency braking and electronic stability control with downhill brake control.

Explore the Kia Sportage

Kia Sorento:

Kia Sorento Winter

The big SUV from Kia features intelligent all-wheel drive and the power to pull up to 2.5 tonnes. With all the seats folded, there’s a massive cargo capacity of 1,662 litres, with the 40:20:40 split second-row seats and the 50:50 split third-row seats making for total versatility. And being a Kia, there’s that unique seven-year warranty.

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Renault KADJAR:

Renault KADJAR Winter

Cleverly designed to maximise space, the Renault KADJAR comes with four-wheel drive, easily accessed with the selector knob. In Auto mode, the system will transfer 50% of the torque to the rear axle as soon as it senses a reduction in traction. Lock mode puts half the available torque to each axle to increase grip on snow and ice at speeds up to 25mph.

See all about the KADJAR

Renault KOLEOS:

Renault KOLEOS Winter

When you want space, comfort and four-wheel drive, the KOLEOS is the ideal choice. ALL MODE 4x4-i technology offers you the choice of 2WD, Auto or Lock, so you can choose your best option for traction or fuel economy, depending on conditions. 210mm of ground clearance means you have great go-anywhere capability and you can take up to 942 litres of luggage with you too.

More about KOLEOS

Dacia Duster:

Dacia Duster Winter

Time to bin the nonsense and save with the SUV that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. 4x4 capability, maximum load volume of 1,570 litres, 210mm of ground clearance and generous clearance angles, the Dacia Duster is ideal for off-road or on-road when winter turns bad. Looking as rugged as it is and full of character, the Duster boasts its own unique elegance.

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SUVs make winter go easier

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