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100,000 Electric Renault Cars on the Road

Renault has just sold its 100,000th electric car, a Zoe. Discover why at Brayley Renault.

Renault is the European leader for electric cars, and it’s just confirmed this position by handing over the keys to its 100,000th electric car, five years after it sold its first one. The ZOE was sold to 41-year-old Norwegian Mr. Åsmund Gillebo from Oslo, and came with five years and 100,000 minutes of recharging time from two local energy suppliers.

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A pioneer of all-electric vehicles, Renault enjoys a 27% market share for electric cars in Europe. In fact, on European roads, one in every four electric vehicles is a Renault, and in France half of all electric cars are Renaults. The Zoe, meanwhile, is the best-selling electric car in Europe, with a 23% market share. In the UK, sales of zero emissions Renaults grew 26.1 per cent in the first half of 2016, with the large majority being attributed to the Zoe as well. The popularity of the model is hardly a surprise, with customer satisfaction for the zero-emissions supermini standing at 98%.

The UK range is made up of the compact ZOE supermini, the Kangoo Van ZE and the compact urban two-seater Twizy. At Brayleys, we’re able to supply you with all three. Electric cars can provide some excellent benefits over and above saving you money on fuel bills. The tax incentives are hard to ignore, and then there’s the way they drive: incredibly smooth, refined and quiet, with punchy performance and an easy-going, relaxed nature, they offer a driving experience that no petrol car can match. See for yourself at Brayley Renault.

Take a look our our Electric Vehicles:

New Renault ZOE at Brayley Renault in Buckinghamshire
The emission free, stylish Renault ZOE with exceptional economy.
New Renault Twizy available at Brayley Renault in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
The Renault Twizy, a reinvention of city living, with zero emissions and fantastic convenience.

Renault Electric Cars: the future is already here, and it’s at Brayleys

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