Electric Renault Zoe UK popularity cities and rural areas

Renault ZOE proves UK popularity goes beyond the cities

EV ownership grows in rural areas, not just suburban cities

You may think cities are where electric cars belong, but you might be surprised. According to the latest data, the Renault ZOE has been adopted by owners all across the UK - from the small island of Jersey to the rural town of Truro. With the latest generation of ZOE being the most advanced and offering the largest range per charge yet, it’s easy to see why those outside the city limits are making the switch.

Other surprise areas adopting the Renault ZOE include Horsham in West Sussex, the surrounding villages of Bath and areas of Surrey including Farnham. And Milton Keynes, home of our Renault dealership, ranks second on the list. This proves that electric vehicles aren’t just confined to cities but even the most rural areas of Britain can enjoy the benefits of EV ownership.

185% rise in demand for EVs in 2020

With the Government’s plan to bring forward the ban of new petrol and electric vehicles to 2030, it’s no wonder more drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles. In fact electrified car sales accounted for 28.5% of the 2020 UK new car market, up from 10.7% the year before. In 2020, there was a 185% rise in demand for EVs, with the Renault ZOE seeing a record increase in sales of 145% on the previous year.

And all these new EV owners aren’t confined to the cities either. While suburban areas account for the highest for EV ownership, many in more rural areas have also chosen the Renault ZOE as their electric car of choice. The rural town of Truro, for example, with a population of just 18,000 people, has as many Renault ZOEs as the City of Leicester.

Top 10 areas for Renault ZOE ownership:

1️⃣ Greater London – 44%
2️⃣ Milton Keynes – 10.6%
3️⃣ Bristol – 6.6%
4️⃣ Bedford – 6.4%
5️⃣ Cambridge – 6.0%
6️⃣ Jersey – 5.7%
7️⃣ Edinburgh – 5.3%
8️⃣ Brighton – 5.2%
9️⃣ St Albans – 4.9%
🔟 Leeds – 4.8%

ZOE: The EV that electrified Britain

The Renault ZOE has been with us since 2013 and has been one of the most popular fully-electric vehicles in the UK ever since. Launched in 2020, the latest version of the ZOE offers up to 245 miles in a single charge, so it’s easy to see why those living in more rural areas are now adopting the EV lifestyle, much like their suburban neighbours. With plenty of range for most drivers between charges, the Renault ZOE is appealing to those where charge points are still rolling out.

Plus, with many owners taking advantage of the latest Plug-in Car Grant that offers £2,500 towards the cost of an electric car under £35,000, switching to an electric vehicle has never been more affordable. A new Renault ZOE can be bought from just £27,495 OTR or from as little as £199 a month with a Renault ZOE finance offer.

There’s never been a better time to switch to electric

If you’re thinking about making the switch to the fuel of the future, we’re here to help. Our expert team at Brayley Renault can answer any questions you may have about EV ownership and demonstrate how easy it is to live with a fully-electric vehicle. To get in touch with our experts, simply send us a message below.

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