The New Master E-Tech Electric Introducing the Master E-Tech Electric

New Renault Master E-Tech Electric Van

Zero emissions with the Master E-Tech electric

Perfect for work and deliveries around town, the all-electric van has arrived with the 75-mile driving range of the new Renault Master E-Tech electric.

Expressive design, gearless automatic transmission, zero tailpipe emissions, smooth, ultra-quiet and superbly comfortable, the Master E-Tech is ready for business. With prices starting at £53,080, contact your local van dealer, Brayley Renault Milton Keynes., for your test drive.

Features Can Include:

• Non-slip floor covering

• Eight to twelve anchorage points to secure your load

• Automatic headlights and wipers

• Electronic Stability Control with traction control, understeer control logic

• Hill Start Assist

Superb range

The latest E-Tech electric 33 battery gives a real-world estimated range of 50 miles in the winter and 75 miles in the summer. Range is maximised by clever Renault technologies, like ECO mode, regenerative braking and low-consumption tyres.

Easy charging

Pull up to a public charging point or install a 7kW wallbox, and you can expect to go from no charge to full charge in just six hours. A home wallbox is covered by the EVHS grant and a company wallbox by the WCS grant. Both offer 75% of the cost, up to a maximum of £350 – ask our EV specialists for all the details.

With R-LINK Evolution and the Z.E. Trip app, you can quickly locate the nearest available public charging point. There are over 40,000 charge point connectors across the UK in over 15,000 locations, so they’re easily accessible – some 500 are added every month.

Rear parking sensor and rear-view camera: Parking and manoeuvring made easy. (Available as an option)

Automatic gearbox: Easy, flexible and effortless shifting, making every drive more comfortable.

Hill Start Assist: Allows you peace of mind as you move off, even on steep hills.

270° glazed rear door: Featuring a built-in magnet, the rear door stays open without effort. The windows are fitted with a demisting function to guarantee optimum visibility at all times.