All-New Renault CLIO Hybrid

CLIO Hybrid with E-TECH technology

All-New Renault CLIO Hybrid with its new E-TECH hybrid engine brings superb driving pleasure and optimal fuel efficiency to the iconic Renault hatchback. All-New CLIO is the first hybrid from Renault with hybrid convenience and lower emissions. You’ll also enjoy high-tech Renault connectivity from your smartphone.

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Hybrid Driving Sensations On The Road

CLIO E-TECH hybrid combines economy with responsive performance, thanks to its combined 140hp CO2 emissions are a tiny 98g/km and you’ll save at the pumps with fuel economy of up to 64.2mpg.

The electric motors offer instant torque through the multi-mode automatic gearbox, meaning quick acceleration at any speed and smooth gear changes. Dial- in your choice of Renault MULTI-SENSE driving mode for a personalised driving experience: MySense, Sport or Eco.

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Clio 2023

If you're in search of Clio available in stock now, explore the iconic supermini.

New Clio E-Tech full hybrid 2024

With E-Tech full hybrid 145 hp powertrain and a new design, new Clio E-Tech full hybrid is open for orders. Same love, new energy. Available in stock soon.

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Electric City Driving

The CLIO hybrid combines a 1.6-litre petrol engine with two electric motors. Seamless gear changes are made easy with the automatic multi-mode gearbox. Starting in electric drive mode, you’ll pull away in silence as the electric motor takes you around town. You’ll find it’s a totally new and highly enjoyable driving experience.

Hybrid Driving Sensations On The Road

E-TECH hybrid technology means this all-new CLIO is perfectly adapted both to the city and to weekend getaways. You’ll use up to 40% less fuel compared to conventional petrol engines when driving on the motorway or in the city. Anytime, anywhere, just flick the EV switch and you’ll be driving 100% electric. Travel in comfort and serenity with the space and practicality you expect from CLIO.


As soon as you jump aboard the CLIO hybrid, you’ll notice the sense of space and the large, easy-to-read screens. Fully customisable, the EasyLink multi-media system comes with a touchscreen of up to 9.3”. You can access Google search for information on over 100 million points of interest. A range of connected services, multi-media options and navigation information is available, as well as smartphone integration.

Irresistible Good Looks

Design features of the E-TECH Launch Edition Hybrid include:

Shark fin antenna

Blue exterior colour pack

Black door mirrors

Grey fabric upholstery with blue stitching

Vision Grey interior detail

Make the switch to hybrid and discover the advantages of this exciting new supermini. We’re here to answer all your questions about dhybrid