The New Zoe Van E-Tech Electric Introducing the Zoe Van E-Tech Electric

Renault Zoe Van E-Tech Electric

100% Electric Van

Now you can switch your business to 100% electric transport with the All-new Zoe van E-Tech electric. Renault’s vision of cleaner energy and sustainability offers your business ultra-low running costs, zero driving emissions, full access to low emissions zones and the latest, easy-to-use technology.

The Zoe van E-Tech electric also features a practical cargo space of up to 1m³ with a secure and modular loading area. Simple to charge, get around town with zero engine noise and go further afield with a range of up to 245 miles. Contact us today about the All-new Zoe van E-Tech electric.

Renault ZOE Van Prices Start From £29,240

Two specifications are available. Both offer you a choice of the R110 engine or the R110 Rapid Charge engine.

All-new Zoe van E-Tech electric i Business R110 Z.E. 50

• Manual air-conditioning • Easy Link 7" screen DAB radio, smartphone integration • ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and emergency brake assist • Cruise control • Renault keycard with hands-free entry

All-new Zoe van E-Tech electric i Business+ R110 Z.E. 50

• EasyLink 7" screen with navigation • Automatic climate control • Wireless smartphone charging • Rear parking sensors • 16" alloy wheels

​All-New ZOE Payload

Designed to get you where you need to go around town, the Renault Zoe Van is the perfect partner for your business. The fully modular practical load space of 1m³ has a payload of up to 457kg. The clever location of the new Z.E. 50 battery under the floor of the Zoe Van means there’s no impact on the roominess of the interior.

Durable rubber flooring protects the rear cargo area, while the load compartment cover keeps all items out of sight. There’s also a secure mesh bulkhead and four conveniently placed anchorage points to prevent items from moving around when you’re on the road.

​Renault ZOE Van Range

All-new Zoe van E-Tech is 100% electric, giving you all the benefits of ultra-low running costs, zero engine noise and a super practical WLTP* range of up to 245 miles on one charge. Featuring a 52 kWh capacity, the battery in this new Zoe stores 25% more energy than its predecessor, despite having identical dimensions. That means you’re able to travel further to your destination with confidence and with less need to recharge, saving you time and money.

Use Z.E. Services in the MY Renault app to find the nearest charging station and its availability. You can also check your van’s remaining range and charging status remotely on your smartphone.

For added reassurance and peace of mind, the traction battery in the new Zoe electric van comes with an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty**.

EV Van Charging

Charging your ZOE Van is easy. A number of charging solutions are available for home and work or at public charging points. Using a 7kW charging station, you can charge to full, overnight in nine or ten hours. With the option of 50 kW DC rapid charging at many public charging points, you can get up to 90 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

​Zoe Van Comfort

Inside the Zoe EV van, the cabin features large screens, chrome finishes and lots of handy storage in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

All driver information is easy to see on the customisable 10” driver’s display. This includes eco-meter, driver assistance systems, range and navigation. The eco-meter means you can monitor your energy usage. If you want to increase your driving range, just switch to ECO mode to reduce the energy your Zoe is using for heating, air conditioning and acceleration, and to reduce your maximum speed.

This highly advanced EV comes with cruise control, speed limiter, automatic lights and windscreen wipers. Pre-conditioning, a feature of Renault Z.E. Services, means you can pre-set the temperature of your vehicle remotely. You’ll experience the comfort of a pre-warmed cabin in the winter and a cool interior in the summer.

And to add to the sustainability, the Business+ model comes with seat fabric made from recycled materials. This production process reduces CO2 emissions by 60%, as well as being an excellent use for old seatbelts and plastic waste – it’s comfortable too!

Powered Up And The Driving Is Easy

The R110 electric motor delivers 108hp and gives you 225Nm of torque to enjoy. Driving is made even more enjoyable and relaxing by two features: B Mode and E-Shifter.

Simply press on the gear lever and the B Mode is activated. Now your van will decelerate more as soon as take your foot off the accelerator. That means less use of the brake pedal and more energy conserved.

The E-Shifter electronic gear selector lets you switch between B Mode, D Mode and reverse with a press of a button. You can easily see which mode is selected on the 10” driver’s screen or on the console.