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Renault be mindful don't idle campaign new Zoe Electric

Renault Be Mindful, Don’t Idle

Renault ‘Be Mindful, Don’t Idle’ campaign to improve air quality

We all would like our children to breathe clean air. But many of us cause huge problems by idling, sitting there with engines running, going nowhere, adding to the air pollution. A big issue, a new report produced by Renault has found, is the school run. Renault has launched a new campaign ‘Be Mindful, Don’t Idle’ to improve air quality for our children across the country, but especially around schools where children are most at risk.

One in three children ends up breathing unsafe and polluted air. 8,500 schools across Britain are in areas where the air pollution is at such high levels that it’s a danger to children. A big factor in air pollution around schools is engines left idling. Men are 50% more likely to leave their engines running than women. Apart from the fact that one minute of engine idling produces a massive 150-balloons-worth of emissions, you’re also wasting fuel – 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than stopping and starting the engine. And idling is illegal. You risk a fixed-penalty fine of £80.



You can help reduce air pollution every time you drive, just by turning your engine off when stationary. And if you really want to cut air pollution, why not think about a hybrid or electric car? Take a look at the What Car? Car of the Year 2020 Winner in the Best Small Electric Car category – the new, all-electric Renault ZOE with zero tailpipe emissions. The All-New CLIO, All-New CAPTUR and the new MEGANE now all come with hybrid technology too.

Renault says: Be mindful. Don’t idle.

For more information about Renault’s campaign for cleaner air around schools, please call us or send us an email