The New Twizy Introducing the Twizy

Renault TWIZY

Live for today and change tomorrow with Renault electric vehicles

Technology at its finest – that’s the totally electric TWIZY. Sized for the city, you’ll never have to struggle to park again, and there’s loads of convenient internal storage too. All-electric, this EV offers zero road tax, zero emissions and maximum fun, all at a low price. Discover TWIZY magic today by downloading a brochure or booking a test drive. Reserve online today.

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Unique On The Road

This compact two-seater is your ideal companion around town. Parking is made easy – you can fit three of these compact EVs in a standard parking space.

It’s so easy to drive too. The 17hp electric motor paired with the smooth, one-speed automatic transmission soon has you nipping around town, going where no one else goes and parking where no one else can. And all that fun and convenience is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

Keep On The Go

Connect up the 3m extending spiral charging cable to any standard three-pin plug socket and you’ll have a fully charged TWIZY in only 3.5 hours. The 50-mile range is more than enough for a busy day around town. The range indicator with eco score keeps you up to date on your battery usage and helps you drive greener.

Renault TWIZY Highlights:

• Zero emissions and zero road tax • Charging from 0-100% in 3.5 hours • Drive for up to 50 miles per charge • Range of body wrap options to personalise your TWIZY – can include your company branding • Surprising 40 litres of storage • Tailor with a range of approved accessories​

Recommended Accessories

You can add scissor doors, windows and blankets for the driver and passenger. TWIZY windows offer additional protection for bad weather and you can easily fit them yourself at home. Or maybe you would like to let in the light with a clear, sky roof. And if you want to stay connected, choose the hands-free Bluetooth kit – it comes with full audio and speakers. Rear body-coloured parking sensors help you squeeze into even tighter spaces, while the protective vehicle cover keeps your TWIZY warm and dry.

For more details of all these TWIZY accessories and more, just get in touch.

You’re Covered

Your new TWIZY warranty covers you for three years or 31,000 miles. You also receive three years’ roadside assistance, including home assistance, national recovery and onward travel.

You’ll find the new Renault TWIZY for sale at your local Brayley Renault Milton Keynes. And check out our Renault TWIZY second-hand models too.

Renault TWIZY: Little noise, a lot to shout about.

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