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Your car’s tyres are a key safety component. That’s why it pays to get your Kia tyres from your local main dealer. At Brayleys in OxfordHarpenden or Enfield, we know every Kia model. We also know the best tyres to help ensure your safety on the road.

As such a vital safety factor, tyres and their condition are also governed by law. Our Kia-trained technicians know just what to look for to help keep you both safe and legal.

More than safety and the law, however, the right tyres will also save you fuel and make every journey more comfortable.

Do you think you might need new Kia tyres? We’ll check for you. We’ll also price-match any other quote you’ve had*. Our specialist Kia technicians can supply and fit Picanto tyres, Ceed tyres, e-Niro tyres, Sportage tyres and, in fact, tyres for any Kia model. Contact our specialist team at your local Brayley Kia dealer in Harpenden, Enfield or Oxford today.

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Where can I find Kia Tyres?

For the best advice, we recommend contacting your local Brayley Kia dealers. We serve customers across Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and North London. We want to help you stay safe, stay legal and enjoy your Kia to the full.

What is the correct tyre pressure for my Kia?

Recommended tyre pressures are given in your Kia handbook. You’ll also find this information on the label in your Kia’s front-door aperture.

How do I check my tyres?

A new tyre has a tread depth of 8mm. It’s also in perfect condition.

Look out for:

  • Damage or distortion to the tyre’s sidewall
  • Nails, thorns or anything else that may have become stuck in your car’s tyres
  • Tyre wear – a tread depth of under 1.6mm across the middle 75% of your tyre at any point is illegal

To maximise safety and performance, we recommend replacing a tyre when it has worn to 3mm of tread depth.

We’re happy to carry out these checks for you, just contact your local Brayleys today.

Kia winter tyres

Winter tyres are specially made to perform better at low temperatures and in wet, icy conditions. Just ask us about winter tyres for your car. We’ll answer your questions and give you a quote.

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For advice on tyres for your Kia or to book your car in for a free tyre inspection, please call us send us an enquiry
*Brayleys Cars will match any like-for-like quote for replacement tyres within a 10-mile radius of our dealerships