The fully electric Kia EV6 With up to 328 mile range


The Kia EV6

Meet the Kia EV6 – the electric vehicle that brings a whole new level of excitement to the road. Sleek design, advanced technology, and eco-friendly performance, the EV6 is here to make a statement in the world of electric cars. Step inside the spacious and stylish interior, where comfort and innovation go hand in hand. Offering a smooth and silent ride that will impress, with zero emissions and low running costs, say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to endless adventures. 

Get ready to embrace the future of driving with the Kia EV6. 

Exterior Styling

The Kia EV6 boasts a dynamic exterior design that blends futuristic elements with aerodynamic efficiency. The new ‘Digital Tiger Face’ makes a real statement at the front, offering a new take on the iconic ‘Tiger Nose Grille’ that Kia models are famous for. 

The Digital Tiger Face includes new dynamic light patterns in the LED headlights, adding a modern flare to the appearance. Kia’s commitment to sustainable mobility without compromising on style and performance shines through, with sculpted hood to its sleek rear. Every detail of the EV6 exterior embodies innovation and sophistication, setting a new standard for electric vehicles. 

Interior Design

The main focal point of the interior is the large, curved, high-definition ‘audio visual and navigation’ (AVN) screen. Extending across from the steering wheel to the centre of the dashboard, the screen displays an instrument cluster in front of the driver. 

Inside, you’ll notice a cosy, high-tech haven, where comfort meets innovation. There’s lots of space, so you can stretch out and relax in seats designed for ultimate comfort and support, while adding to the open spacious feel of the cabin. 

Plus, the Panoramic sunroof is like bringing the outdoors in, flooding the cabin with sunshine and good vibes. Get ready to ride in style and stay connected like never before. 

Our Kia EV6 Highlights

Striking rear light signature
Capture attention and exude sophistication from all perspectives – with a gracefully curved light seamlessly linked the rear wheel arches.

Flush exterior door handles
Elevate your sleekness game with the EV6's seamless door handles. They stay flush with the body until you're ready to hop in, then gracefully pop out when you approach. It's not just about style; it's aerodynamics with a touch of flair!

Ultra-fast charging
With the EV6's cutting-edge 800V high-speed multi-charging system, you'll spend less time waiting and more time on the road. Imagine getting a whopping 62 miles of driving range in just 4.5 minutes when charging at public stations with 250kW power.

Advanced pedal technology
Introducing the I-PEDAL – your all-in-one accelerator, decelerator, and full stop. With this unique pedal in the EV6, you’ve got total control over your ride. Plus, the EV6’s regenerative braking system kicks in when you slow down, recycling that energy right back into the battery.

An inspiring space
A cabin designed with your comfort as the top priority. Whether you’re cruising in the GT-Line or GT-Line S, you’ll sink into premium relaxation seats resting on a flat floor. There’s plenty of room for all your essentials, so pack up everything you need and hit the road in style and comfort.

Premium front seat design
Unwind in style as your EV6 takes care of its own charging needs. Sink into the luxurious front reclining seats, ensuring maximum comfort throughout your journey. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and efficiency, making every drive a lavish experience. 

Kia EV6 Trims & Specifications

EV6 Air

  • 19” Alloy Wheels
  • 12.3” Curved Driver Display Screen & Touchscreen Navigation
  • Highway Driving Assist
  • Artificial Leather Seat Upholstery
  • High Gloss Black Door Mirrors
  • Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control With Stop & Go
  • Body Coloured Exterior Flush Door Handles
  • Heated Front Seats And Heated Steering Wheel
  • Engine Start/Stop Button With Smart Entry System

EV6 Horizon

  • 19” Alloy Wheels
  • 12.3” Curved Driver Display Screen & Touchscreen Navigation
  • Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist
  • Smart Power Tailgate
  • Outer 2nd Row Heated Seats
  • Wireless Mobile Phone Charger
  • Dual LED Headlights With Adaptive Driving Beam
  • Front Parking Sensors
  • Solar Glass Windshield

EV6 GT-Line

  • 19” Alloy Wheels
  • 12.3” Curved Driver Display Screen & Touchscreen Navigation
  • Driver & Front Passenger Premium Relaxation Seats
  • GT-Line Exterior Styling
  • Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist
  • Black Suede Seats
  • Vehicle-To-Load
  • Wireless Mobile Phone Charger
  • Dual LED Headlights With Adaptive Driving Beam
  • Driver & Front Passenger Premium Relaxation Seats 

EV6 GT-Line S

  • 20” Alloy Wheels
  • 12.3” Curved Driver Display Screen & Touchscreen Navigation
  • Sunroof With Tilting And Sliding Function
  • Meridian™ Premium Sound System With 14 Speakers & Active Sound Design (ASD)
  • Smart Power Tailgate
  • Augmented Reality Head-Up Display
  • Remote Smart Park Assist
  • Body Coloured Exterior Flush Door Handles – Automatic
  • Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assists


The Kia EV6 is the ultimate safety vehicle. It is packed with advanced features which will aid you whilst driving. The sensors and cameras keep an eye out for potential collisions, giving you a heads up, and even taking action to avoid situations. Plus, sturdy construction and high-strength materials provide extra protection. With rollover protection and pedestrian detection, you can drive with confidence, knowing you’re in good hands with your trusty EV6. 


Think dazzling digital displays, intuitive touchscreen controls, and seamless smartphone integration that puts your favourite apps and music right at your fingertips. The EV6 boasts cutting edge technology which makes staying connected on the go, a breeze. From adaptive cruise control to parking assist, it’s like having a friend looking out for you behind the wheel. Plus, the futuristic battery management and charging capabilities makes every drive a delightful tech adventure.