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We’re often asked: How often should I service my Kia? For current petrol Kia, electric Kia or hybrid cars, you should have your Kia Service carried out every 10,000 miles or 12 months. For Kia Diesel Servicing, it’s every 20,000 miles or 12 months.

For all Kia Cars we recommend booking your Kia service before you reach the recommended mileage or time period. With Approved Kia Service Centres in Oxford, Harpenden and Enfield, Brayleys is your local choice for expert Kia servicing. Contact our helpful Kia servicing team to book your Kia service today.

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How often should I service my Kia?

  • Kia petrol, Kia electric and Kia hybrid service interval: 10,000 miles / 12 months*
  • Kia diesel service interval: 20,000 miles / 12 months*


Kia Service Intervals

When you’re looking for Kia Sportage service intervals or Kia Ceed service intervals, there are many things can affect how often you should service your Kia. You should take into consideration:

  • How you drive
  • How much weight you usually carry in your Kia
  • How often you use your Kia for towing
  • Whether you usually drive in the town, the country or by the sea
  • The condition of the road surfaces where you drive
  • The time of year and your requirements for the season to come


The Kia service interval recommendations for your specific model are given in your car’s Service Record Book. Make sure your all-important, seven-year Kia warranty is protected by maintaining your proper service intervals. Need advice about Kia service intervals or servicing your Kia? Contact your local Brayley Kia Approved Service Centre today.


Kia Servicing Plans at Brayleys

A Kia Care Servicing Plan makes servicing easier and fixes your Kia servicing costs for an agreed period. We’ll take care of scheduling all your Kia Services when it’s convenient for you. The service plan is also transferable if you sell your car. Contact our Kia servicing team and we’ll tailor a service plan to suit you and your specific Kia model.

As your local Kia dealers in Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and London area, you’ll find specialist Kia MOT testing, competitively priced Tyres, air conditioning Servicing and Kia health checks to keep your car in optimal condition.


Advantages of regular servicing at Brayleys include:

  • Highly experienced, Kia-trained technicians
  • Genuine Kia parts and Kia-recommended lubricants
  • Up-to-date Kia diagnostic equipment and specialist tools
  • Kia main-dealer stamp in your service book
  • Protect your valuable seven-year Kia warranty
  • Kia upgrades required for your specific model
  • We’ll give you a cost in advance and we’ll never do any extra work without your agreement

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