Discover Sportage Mild Hybrid technology

Kia Mild Hybrid Cars offer lower emissions, reduced running costs and a smoother driving experience. Through innovative design and advanced engineering, Kia Mild Hybrid technology is making driving both easier and cleaner

Mild Hybrid models in the Kia range are easily recognisable by the EcoDynamics+ badge such as the Sportage Mild Hybrid. You’ll find the range of Kia Hybrid cars at your local Kia dealership. Browse our latest Hybrid offers which add affordability to energy efficiency. Book your test drive today.

What is a Mild Hybrid?

The Kia Sportage EcoDynamics+ is a great example of how new technology is improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

The Sportage has an autonomous system that recuperates energy created when slowing down. Energy is stored in a 48-volt battery which then provides power to an electric motor.

Unlike a self-charging hybrid, the Mild Hybrid is not designed to drive on battery power alone. The 0.44kWh electric motor assists the petrol or diesel engine power the car. As the engine doesn’t have to work as hard, the Mild Hybrid system boosts fuel economy and lowers CO2 emissions.

There is no need to charge up an EcoDynamics+ Mild Hybrid car – fill up as normal for an unlimited range.

Lower emissions

Mild Hybrid technology reduces the strain on the engine, particularly during acceleration. In addition, the stop and start system can be activated more frequently lowering CO2 emissions.

Fuel cost savings

By allowing the engine to work less, the Mild hybrid system reduces fuel consumption. You’ll spend less time at the pump and save money on fuel.

Improved drive

The Mild Hybrid system seamlessly and automatically adds power to the engine for smooth acceleration. The advanced technology requires no change to your normal driving. Enjoy reduced noise for a more comfortable driving experience.

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