Brayley Kia brings you the facts about electric cars

You run your business on real facts and figures. Sadly, there are a lot of stories about electric cars out there that are pure fiction. At Brayley Kia, we want to bring you the truth about electric cars, so you can take advantage of the many cost and efficiency savings they can bring to you and your business.

Myth 1: You keep having to stop to recharge the battery

✔️ 98% of journeys made in the UK are over less than 50 miles. The All-New Soul EV and New Kia e-Niro both offer a real-world range of over 280 miles. That would let you drive all the way from London to Newcastle without having to recharge.

Myth 2: There are so few charging stations in the UK

✔️ 30,000 public charging points in over 10,800 locations say this is a myth. What’s more, you’ll usually leave home having fully charged your EV overnight. Many workplaces now have charging points too.

Myth 3: Charging takes forever

✔️ At home and at work, you’ll usually be using a 7kW charger. This can take your EV’s battery to a full charge from empty in 10 hours. Not that you’ll usually run your battery that low. Most days, you’ll just need to be topping up. A public 100kW rapid charging point can bring your battery up to 80% of its maximum charge in just 45 minutes. After 280 miles on the road, you deserve some lunch or a coffee, while your EV tops up too.

Myth 4: They’re so slow 

✔️ 0-62mph in only 7.8 seconds and maximum torque from a standstill at all revs. That’s exciting performance. That’s the New Kia e-Niro!

Myth 5: They’re so much more expensive

✔️ So, let’s factor in the Plug-in Car Grant, lower running costs, lower fuel costs and the thousands of pounds you could save in BIK tax every year. And remember, you can use First Year Allowance to deduct the full cost of your new EV from your profits before tax. Now that slightly higher P11D price isn’t such an issue. In fact, EVs can cost less than standard cars when you think about whole life costs.

Myth 6: Electric cars aren’t as safe

✔️ All cars are subject to the same safety tests before they’re allowed on the road. There’s an added advantage for electric cars in that there’s no risk of petrol or diesel catching fire after an accident. Kia’s Soul EV and e-Niro are two of the most advanced cars we sell at Brayleys, so they’re also packed with Kia’s latest active and passive safety features.

Myth 7: The batteries soon wear out

✔️ Not on a Kia! In a recent test, a Soul EV, some three years old, was found to have lost a mere 1% of its battery capacity. What’s more, the Kia e-Niro and Soul EV have the benefit of Kia’s famous seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty. And that includes the same cover for the battery.

Myth 8: You can’t take an EV out in the rain or charge it when wet 

✔️ Rain, snow, car washes, it doesn’t matter to an EV. Just treat it the way you would any other car.

Do you know any more myths about electric cars? Just come along to Brayley Kia and ask our friendly EV specialists. We’ll give you the facts.

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