How often should I change my brake fluid?

How often should I change my brake fluid?

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Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians at our dealerships in North London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, love to answer your questions. A frequent question is: How often should I change my brake fluid? Brake fluid is a vital safety component on your car that ensures your brakes work effectively, whenever you need them. Brake fluid may not seem very exciting, but it’s very important. Take a look below at our advice on when to change your brake fluid, then get in touch with your local Brayleys dealership to book your car in for a brake fluid servicing.

Brake fluid – what does it do?

When you apply the brakes, you expect your car to stop, and it’s the brake fluid that makes it happen. Put simply, brake fluid is the medium through which the pressure you put on your car’s brake pedal that then travels through the calipers is transferred to the brake pads and then onto the brake discs to stop the wheels turning. In addition, the brake fluid contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent rusting of any of the metal components in the system. The whole braking system on your car needs looking after by skilled professionals. For example, the pads can need replacing, the discs can need replacing and the brake fluid can need topping up or replacing. Ensuring that such work is carried out as part of the routine maintenance work on your car will ensure that you, your passengers and other road users all stay safe.

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Brake fluid – why does it need topping up?

You might think that if your brakes are a sealed system, why would I need to top up my car’s brake fluid? The answer is that brake fluid levels can reduce just due to normal wear and tear in the system, but the more serious issue is that there could be a leak in the system. Rest assured that, if you have any issues, our manufacturer-trained technicians have many years’ experience and can sort it all out for you.

Brake fluid – why do I need to change it?

Brake fluid can absorb water over a period of time and this will affect its boiling point. As you can imagine your brake fluid can get really hot during constant use, especially if you need to brake hard. The result is that, if water has got into the fluid, the brake fluid can start to boil and the effectiveness of your brakes can be severely compromised. Frequent checks of your brake fluid and regular brake fluid changes will reduce the risk of this ever happening to your car.

So, how often should I change my brake fluid?

The frequency of changing your brake fluid is dictated by a number of factors, including the make and model of your car and how you drive it. A general rule of thumb is to have your brake fluid changed every two years, but it’s always best to follow the car manufacturer’s recommendations. That’s what we always recommend at all our Brayleys dealerships and our expertise covers MazdaHondaKiaRenaultDacia and Mitsubishi, so it’s safe to assume we know what we’re talking about! We also recommend having your brake fluid checked at every oil change, even if this isn’t a specific requirement of your car’s service schedule.

Above all, we recommend having your brakes and brake fluid checked by the people who know it best, your local main dealer. With dealerships in Milton KeynesOxfordHarpendenSt AlbansHemel HempsteadEnfield and Grays, we’re right on your doorstep, and you’ll find our friendly welcome and highly knowledgeable staff can give you real peace of mind about the safety of your car.

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