There’s perhaps no more important a day of the year for your Mitsubishi than its MOT test day. This is when all the systems and components of your Mitsubishi are tested to ensure they’re in good working order, and it’s confirmed that your Mitsubishi is continuing to provide the safety, efficiency, reliability and dependability that all Mitsubishis are renowned for. Therefore, it’s important you get your Mitsubishi MOT test from people who really know the model. That means an approved main dealer such as Brayley Mitsubishi. For Mitsubishi MOT in Oxford, we don’t believe there’s a better place to go. So book now, if your car has that all-important day coming up soon.

Being a Mitsubishi approved main dealer, whether you need a Mitsubishi Mirage MOT or L200 MOT, testing at Brayleys is done to a professional level that’s truly first class. Carrying out all MOT work are technicians that have been fully trained by Mitsubishi on all the latest processes, models and car systems. We only use Mitsubishi approved diagnostics and testing equipment as well, so book your Mitsubishi MOT with Brayleys to be sure of some of the most comprehensive and thorough testing possible. Of course, this attention to detail relates to all servicing and maintenance that Brayley Mitsubishi carries out on your vehicle. So for all other expert Mitsubishi car servicing and maintenance, just explore our other servicing pages.

Before you take your vehicle for its MOT test, we recommend you carry out a few quick and easy visual checks, to potentially save you time and money. We advise you check the following areas:

  • Lights: All lights must function properly: headlights and rear lights, sidelights, brake lights, hazard lights, fog lights and indicators
  • Number plate: The number plate must be clean and legible, and font and spacing of letters must comply with legal requirements
  • Seats and seatbelts: The driver's seat should adjust forwards and backwards and all seatbelts should be in good, working order. Tug sharply on seatbelts to check they react correctly
  • Windscreen wipers: Make sure your wipers are able to keep your windscreen clean – any tears or holes in the wiper rubber can be an MOT fail
  • Horn: Give a short blast of the horn – if it doesn’t work, we will need to repair or replace it
  • Brake lights: Press the brake pedal and check that the rear brake lights come on – including third brake lights where fitted. You’ll need a friend for this, or reverse close up against a wall to check the reflection
  • Wheels and tyres: Check that wheels and tyres are undamaged. The minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm and any tyres with less than this will not pass an MOT (though it’s recommended to replace tyres when tread reaches 3mm). If you’re in doubt, Brayleys can check tread depth for you and also advise on tyre replacement
  • Windscreen: Check the screen for any damage. Anything larger than 40mm will be an MOT fail, as will any damage wider than 10mm in the area of the windscreen in front of the driver
  • Screenwash: Top up the washer bottle before taking the car in for a test – something as simple as an empty container can cause an MOT failure
  • Fuel and engine oil: Make sure your car is filled with enough fuel and engine oil – you can be turned away from the MOT without suitable levels of either, as both are required when running the car to test its emissions. If you’re unsure about the type of oil to use, just call or send us an enquiry

If you do find any faults that you’re unable to easily rectify, we advise you to notify us in advance, so we can complete the work required before the test is carried out. Identifying the work before an MOT test means the car will be far more likely to pass its MOT test first time around, saving you time and hassle. Contact us if you have any more questions about the MOT process, or to book your MOT now.


To find out more about our Mitsubishi MOT service, please call or send us a servicing enquiry

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