New Honda Clarity

New Honda Clarity

Choose zero emissions at Brayley Honda with Clarity

There’s a unique car coming to Brayley Honda soon – the new Honda Clarity. Powered by hydrogen through Honda’s new, space-saving, fuel-cell technology, the Honda Clarity will have a range of 435 miles and a power output of 177PS.

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Basically, the Honda Clarity is powered by taking hydrogen from the Clarity’s fuel tank and combining it with oxygen from the air to produce electricity. With hydrogen being so abundant and oxygen just waiting in the air to be used, the Clarity is designed to be extremely clean and green, as well as cheap to run. In fact, it offers zero emissions with the only waste being water. Refuelling the hydrogen tank will only take about three to five minutes. The Clarity looks good too with its eye-catching exterior designed for superb aerodynamics and incorporating LED headlights and taillights. Construction is based on the generous use of high strength steels and aluminium, reducing the car’s weight for even better fuel efficiency.

Highlights of the new Honda Clarity include:

  • Plasma cluster ionizer to improve air quality
  • Head-up display of vehicle information for improved safety
  • Infotainment and connectivity advances, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Range of Honda safety and assistance systems
  • Comfortable seating for five adults

A clear route to a greener future: Honda Clarity

To find out more about the Honda Clarity and register your interest, please call us or send us a Honda Clarity enquiry

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