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Winter Accessories

Give winter the old heave-ho ho ho with our winter accessories

You and your car need all the help you can get to make it through to wherever you need to go this winter. And we want to ensure you can still come out smiling and safe on the other side. That’s where our wide range of winter accessories can come in truly useful. As a multi-franchise dealership, we stock them all: Honda winter accessories, Kia winter accessories, Mazda winter accessories, Renault winter accessories and Dacia winter accessories. Get in touch to find out more about winter accessories, so you can do more and enjoy more, whatever winter brings this year.

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Brayleys supplies a wide range of vehicles from five different manufacturers and each specific car offers its own range of accessories. Below you’ll find some ideas of accessories you could get for your car, but to find out exactly what is available to enhance your winter driving pleasure and safety, please contact your local Brayleys dealership. And don’t forget to make sure your car is ready for winter with a winter check, discover the benefits of winter tyres and check out our helpful winter driving tips.


Your local council will be gritting the roads to reduce the risk of skidding and having an accident. However, the main ingredient of road grit is actually rock salt, which can cause all sorts of corrosion issues. Fitting mud flaps can go a long way to reducing the risks of corrosion damage to your car.

Quick-start visibility

If you don’t keep your car in a garage overnight, you’ll be all too used to the ice-removal, freeze-your-hands, morning routine. A windshield cover means your screen is ready to go every morning as soon as you are.


Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or have a breakdown, you need to be visible to other road users. When not on a motorway, a warning triangle placed at least 45 metres behind your car will alert other traffic. It’s also useful to have a set of high-visibility safety vests in the car for you and your passengers.

Looking after your insides

You won’t want to be treading all that mud and winter slush into your beautiful carpets, so a set of all-weather rubber mats will ensure your car is protected. You might also think about a luggage compartment liner, especially if you enjoy getting outdoors and throwing all your gear in the boot.

Make light of winter

Dark evenings and poor visibility – isn’t that just when one of your car’s bulbs will decide to flicker out of existence? A spare bulb kit means you can immediately pop your new bulb in to see and be seen, and continue on your journey.

Have fun too

Winter accessories can be for fun too. If you’re into winter sports, you can add a ski carrier or snowboard carrier. Drive to the snow and enjoy your holiday!

That’s only a few of the many accessories available, so please ask us about what you need for your car this winter. Often, we can also recommend an accessories pack that will offer you some extras and at a reduced price too.

Have your best winter ever with our winter accessory ranges

To find out more about winter accessories for your specific make and model, please call us or send us a winter accessories enquiry

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