What is a Self Charging Hybrid Car?

The Brayleys 2020 Guide to Self Charging Hybrid Cars

A self charging Hybrid has both an electric motor and a Petrol (or Diesel) engine which takes care of recharging its battery on the road autonomously. The electric motor can power the car alone at slower speeds in urban environments. On faster roads or on the motorway, the petrol motor automatically takes over to power the car. And depending on the system, the petrol and electric motors may work together simultaneously. But there’s no need to recharge the car by plugging it in. Self charging hybrid cars have an unlimited range just like traditional cars, but with better fuel economy and lower emissions.

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How Does a Self Charging Hybrid Car Work?

When you drive in engine power mode, some of the power from the motor continuously charges the battery to keep it at optimum levels. Some Hybrids also use a system called regenerative braking which recovers kinetic energy created while slowing down to recharge the battery. And because these cars have hybrid systems that are completely autonomous, they are known as self-charging.

Smart innovation seamlessly controls the car’s energy use in the most efficient way. In town, you’ll benefit from practically silent motoring which is serene and relaxing. When accelerating the electric motor will assist the internal combustion motor for less engine strain and quieter driving. When required, the engine will contribute to the recharging of the battery pack. Even when the battery levels are at their lowest, there’s no danger of getting stranded as the petrol motor will take over.

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