What is a Plug In Hybrid Car?

Plug In Hybrid Cars: The 2020 Brayleys Guide

A plug in hybrid has both a battery-powered electric motor and a petrol engine. However, the plug in hybrid, as its name suggests, can be charged up from a mains plug. This could an ordinary domestic power socket, a home charging station or one of over 13 000 public charging stations in the UK. Usually abbreviated to PHEV - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, these cars have an electric-only range which is often enough for most people’s everyday commute – up to 36 miles in some cases. With the best plug in hybrid You can expect emissions as low as 29g/km CO2 and fuel consumption up to an incredible 201.8 MPG.

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How Does a Plug-in Hybrid Car Work?

The PHEV typically has a combination of Internal combustion petrol engine and electric motor with higher power and larger battery capacity than other hybrids. This means an increased all-electric range of up to 36 miles in some models. When driving in electric mode, no fuel is being used and so there are zero emissions.

Regenerative braking technology returns kinetic energy to recharge the battery pack while coasting or braking. Sophisticated technology informs drivers of the energy expenditure on the road. This helps you reduce consumption and emissions even further by suggesting energy-saving driving techniques. Some systems even use satellite navigation to anticipate the most efficient power source.

What about charging a phev?

There’s no need to worry about electric range in a phev. When the battery is low, the Petrol or Diesel engine will automatically take over. Then when it’s convenient, simply hook up your phev to an electricity supply using the cable provided with the car. Charge up the battery when at home, work or any of the increasing number of public charging stations. For more information about Kia home charging station installations, contact your local Brayley Kia main dealer by sending an enquiry.

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Plug in Hybrids on the road

There are now more than 130,000 PHEV cars on the road in the UK. Numbers are rising year on year and at Brayleys we recognise their advantages of fuel economy and environmental responsibility. Government support for the new generation of energy efficient vehicle is also strong with grant schemes available.

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