What is a Mild Hybrid Car?

Everything you need to know about Mild Hybrid Cars 2021

A Mild Hybrid car has an electric motor and battery system which assists the regular Petrol or Diesel engine but aren’t designed to power the car alone. Energy created during coasting and braking is automatically recuperated to recharge batteries. The mild hybrid assists the internal combustion engine to augment power and reduce engine load. You can expect gains in fuel efficiency and emissions reductions with no need to recharge and an unlimited range.

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How does a mild hybrid car work?

A Mild hybrid uses generator motor to recuperate energy when you slow down - either coasting or braking. This energy that would otherwise have been wasted is transferred to a 48 Volt battery pack situated at the back of the car. Seamlessly and automatically, the car uses the power stored in the battery to help the main engine drive the car, particularly during acceleration. The battery also enhances the Stop-Start system to function more smoothly and allows the engine to be switched off more often.

What are the advantages of Mild Hybrid Cars?

✔️ Lower in cost than full hybrid cars due to the smaller electric motor and battery ✔️ Lower emissions ✔️ Lower running costs thanks to increased energy efficiency ✔️ Improved performance with enhanced engine power ✔️ Reduced engine load resulting in less noise

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