Spring Health Check

Spring into Action with a Car Check

Book a Spring Health Check online for just £̶3̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ £19.99 and save 50%*

The days are getting brighter and the temperature is starting to rise – summer is just around the corner. our car has been working hard in the winter weather and you’re probably getting out and about more not that summer is almost here. So it’s the perfect time to get your car ready for the season ahead. For just £19.99, we’ll ensure that your car is safe and performing at its best. And, we’ll even give you a free air freshener.**

Ensure your car is ready for spring with our 21-point health check. 

Our experienced, manufacturer-trained technicians will put your car through its paces. They will give your car a full health check, making sure all essential safety related items such as lights, tyres, brakes, suspension, battery, cooling and heating systems are in tip top condition.

If we spot any small problems, we’ll fix them before they become major issues. And, if anything needs more attention, we’ll let you know straight away and give you a quote for the work. We’ll never carry out any work without your permission.

As a multi-franchise main dealer, we have experience of dealing with a range of makes and models, so we can carry out a Spring Health Check on any car.

Get ready for Spring. Book your Spring Car Health Check for just £19.99 – and receive a free air freshener. 

Your Spring Car Health Check will include the following checks:

✓ lights, ✓ tyres, ✓ brakes, ✓ suspension, ✓ cooling and heating 
systems, ✓ battery, ✓ other safety features

Book your Brayleys Spring Car Health Check today and save 50%! 

Why are vehicle checks important?

Regular car checks help keep you safe, reduce future bills, and give your car the best chance of passing its next MOT. With winter and lockdown, your car has likely spent a lot less time on the road than usual. And, when it has been on the move, it’s had cold weather and wet roads to contend with. Your car’s lights will also have been used a lot more during the winter months, so the bulbs will need checking.

As the lighter, brighter days begin, it’s the perfect time to get your car checked over and ensure it’s ready for the spring.

Spring Car Health Check at your local Brayleys

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Terms and Conditions:

*Offer ends 30th June 2021. Subject to availability. Top-up quantity of coolant, brake fluid, screenwash and engine oil is limited to a maximum of ½ litre per fluid. Additional quantities will be advised and, with customer consent, charged accordingly. RRP of the Brayleys 21-Point Check is £39.99 incl. VAT. Customers will receive approximately a 50% saving (£19.99) on a Brayleys 21-Point Check on appointments booked and completed on or before 30th June 2021. The Brayleys 21-Point Spring Health & Safety Check is a visual vehicle inspection of certain parts of the vehicle only, carried out by a Brayleys dealership. It does not comprise a full assessment of the condition of the vehicle and the vehicle driver remains responsible for monitoring and maintaining the vehicle in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Recommended remedial work will be chargeable. Retail customers only. **Offer ends 30th June 2021. Subject to availability. One air freshener will be given free on completion of and payment for a Brayleys 21-Point Spring Health & Safety Check. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Retail customers only. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact Brayleys Cars for full details.