Car Maintenance - 9 Top Money Saving Tips!

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Regular Car Maintenance is the best way to keep your car in top condition all year round. You’ll ensure optimal performance, reliability and safety.

Read our 9 great car maintenance tips to help to save you money on your motoring in all seasons.

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Save money on your motoring

In addition to scheduled servicing, regular car maintenance is an effective way to keep your car running smoothly and to reduce your motoring costs:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduce wear and tear on vital components
  • Prevent damage and repairs
  • Increase the longevity of your car

Follow our advice on car maintenance with these 9 money-saving tips:

Check your Tyre pressures

Avoid these issues by checking your tyre pressures every month or more frequently if you do a lot of miles. We’d be happy to make sure your tyres have the correct pressure and are in good condition. And should you require new tyres, you’ll find our tyre price match guarantee* at your local Brayleys dealership.

Wheel alignment

After mounting a kerb, contact with an obstacle on the road or simply over time, your car’s suspension can become out of track. If your wheels aren’t in perfect alignment, fuel consumption increases and you’ll experience irregular tyre wear.

Checking suspension alignment and tracking requires specialist equipment and expertise. Getting your wheel alignment checked is an effective way to save money on fuel and premature tyre replacement. Contact your local Brayley dealership for peace of mind wheel alignment check today.

Top-up your car’s Fluid Levels

Your car will work at its best when all its fluid levels are topped up. You’ll reduce the chance of wear and tear or damage to the related components and systems. You should regularly check the following levels:

Regularly Change your Oil

Changing your car’s oil regularly using the correct type of oil can save you thousands. Incorrect or degraded oil doesn’t protect the engine sufficiently, leading to premature wear and potential engine failure.

For more information on your car’s recommended oil change frequency and the type of oil your engine needs, contact your local Brayleys dealership. We’ll be happy to advise you and it’s easy to make an appointment for your car’s oil change, should you require.

Inspect your Car’s Filters

Filters are designed to protect your car from impurities that could potentially cause damage. Old or clogged filters will be less effective and also force your car’s systems to work harder, leading to higher fuel consumption. Components and parts can become damaged as a result, sometimes resulting in costly repairs.

Checking the cabin, air, fuel and oil filters is an effective way to save money on every journey, by ensuring your car’s optimal efficiency.

Don’t neglect your Air Conditioning

Having your air conditioning system serviced regularly ensures top air quality, temperature and anti-fog performance but also optimal efficiency. A clean air-con system reduces drain on the engine, thereby improving the engine’s efficiency and in turn, fuel consumption.

Take advantage of our Air-Conditioning Service Offers for effective air-con all year round.

Check your battery

Battery failure is a common breakdown that can be avoided with a regular check. Verrify the battery level and voltage and make sure the connectors and cables are in good condition.

Battery function can be compromised in colder weather, as starting can be harder and more power is required for the car’s electrical systems. Our highly trained technicians at your local Brayleys dealership will be happy to make sure your battery is in top condition.

Keep your car clean

Regularly washing your car is an easy way to ensure your car works as efficiently as possible. Removing mud and dirt, especially from the body, under the side sills and inside the wheel arches ensures optimal component function and aerodynamic performance.

You’ll also be able to see any abnormalities that may need looking at such as windscreen damage and wiper wear.


Get a Car Safety Check - only £19.95**

Following the manufacturer’s recommended servicing intervals is a minimum requirement for car maintenance. Before every season, or when you’ve an important trip coming up, a 21-point Car Safety Check from Brayleys will ensure your car is running as efficiently as possible.

You’ll get optimal fuel consumption and ensure the maximum lifespan of your car’s tyres and components by reducing wear and tear. If there is anything that requires attention, you’ll also avoid safety or reliability issues.


Our 21-point safety check includes:


Book a Car Safety Check today at your local Brayley dealership for just £19.95. You’ll be assured peace of mind motoring and maximum car maintenance savings all year round.

Brayleys: saving you money on car Maintenance.

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