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Your air conditioning is like any other system on your car and it needs to be looked after. An air conditioning regas is an essential part of the regular maintenance schedule for your car. An air-con regas is something that we can carry out for you, when your car is with us for its regular servicing, saving you time and reducing any inconvenience.

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What’s more, you’ll find our Brayleys air conditioning regas price to be highly competitive with the added benefit of our professional attention to your car – whether it be a Honda, Renault, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia or Dacia, we have the specialist technicians to carry out the job to the highest standards. Just enquire today from our friendly service team and your air conditioning could be cooler, sweeter and fresher tomorrow.

Air conditioning regas – why is it needed?

Your car’s air conditioning system will lose some 10% of its refrigerant gas every year in normal use. That’s not because there’s anything faulty in your system, it’s just the nature of air conditioning and how the systems work. However, the less refrigerant gas there is in the system, the harder your air conditioning has to work to meet the demands you place on it.

The result is that your car will use more and more fuel, whilst your air conditioning will become less and less efficient over time, meaning you could well be losing your cool in the hot summer months. But remember, your car’s air conditioning isn’t just about keeping you gloriously cool in the summer, it’s also about giving you and your passengers healthier, cleaner air to breathe, as well as being invaluable in the winter, as it can help keep your windows clear and free of mist, so it makes you safer too.

How often does my car need an air conditioning regas?

Brayleys represents some of the top vehicle manufacturers: Honda, Renault, Mazda, Kia, Mitsubishi and Dacia. Most manufacturers on most air conditioning systems would recommend that a regas, sometimes called a recharge or an air conditioning service, should be carried out every two years. If you have any doubts, just ask our friendly service team about when an air conditioning recharge is recommended for your specific model – we’re always happy to help.

What’s included in an air conditioning regas?

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in working on the air conditioning systems on all the makes and models that we sell at Brayleys. When we regas your air-con system, the work will include:

  • Removing and safely disposing of old refrigerant gas and lubricants in the system
  • Recharging the system with refrigerant gas to the levels recommended by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Replacing the system lubricant to manufacturer-recommended levels
  • Checking the system for any leaks, using a vacuum test
  • Checking system performance and temperature

For a small additional charge, we can also carry out a deep clean of your whole air conditioning system to kill any fungi and bacteria which can build up in a system over time and start to cause unpleasant smells. We will also advise you if we discover any faults in the system which may require repair, but we’ll never carry out any such additional work without your prior authorisation.

How do I arrange my air-con regas?

A regas of your car’s air conditioning is not part of your car’s normal service schedule, but we are happy to carry it out during a service at your request, which will minimise the time that you are without your car. But you can book your car in with us at any time for an air-con regas; it only takes about an hour, so you are welcome to wait in our comfortable customer lounge, enjoy some complimentary refreshments and make use of the free Wi-Fi, whilst we carry out the work.

If you have any questions or concerns about your car’s air conditioning and its servicing, or you would like us to carry out a regas, please just give our servicing team a call at any of our dealerships and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Air-con regas: a healthy air-con system means cleaner air, cooler air and a safer drive

To find out more about getting an air conditioning regas or to book your car in at a Brayleys service centre, please call us or send us an air-con regas enquiry

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