New Renault Master Van 4x4

New Renault Master Van 4x4 – All-Wheel Drive

Take your load anywhere with Renault Master all-wheel drive

Ready to master the toughest terrain, the new Renault Master 4x4 van benefits from all the advantages of all-wheel drive, as well as modifications to ride height, tyres and underbody protection to make the new Renault Master 4x4 van a true master of the off-road environment and an ideal workhorse for any business where access to the job is a problem, due to poor or non-existent roads.

So what happens to a Renault Master van to give it all that extra off-road capability? Four-wheel drive transmission is fitted, offering the driver the ability to switch from 4x2 mode, where all the torque goes to the rear differential, to 4x4 mode, which divides the torque between the front and rear differentials, depending on which axle is bearing the most weight. There’s a gear reduction unit added, which can increase the torque from the gearbox by some 40%. Further grip is provided by the addition of mud and snow tyres, which transfer torque to the ground more effectively, whilst the special tread pattern is more efficient at draining away any water, mud or slush. That’s the Master all prepared for maximum traction on any surface, but there’s more. To make sure the new Renault Master 4x4 van is not at risk of damage from rougher terrains, it’s fitted with steel underbody protection and the ground clearance is increased by 65mm at the front and 58mm at the back or, on twin rear-wheeled Master vans, by 45mm at the back. Extremely economical and with an impressive specification, the Renault Master van is now even stronger and more practical, thanks to the availability of 4x4 all-wheel drive.

Some highlights of the new Renault Master 4x4 van:


  • Available on van or chassis cab versions – single or twin cab; single or twin rear wheels
  • Switchable to engage or disengage the 4x4 and the gear reduction unit for extra torque
  • Additional steel underbody protection available for the sump, brake hoses and fuel lines
  • Increased ground clearance to avoid damage to the underside of the van
  • All-weather tyres increase grip even more


Off road comfort, load capacity and safety – it’s the new Renault Master 4x4 van

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