Explore the New Renault Kangoo X-Track Van

New Renault Kangoo X-Track Van

The Kangoo van for taking off road

Making vans even more in tune with the needs of your business is the new Renault Kangoo X-Track van. When you need to take your Kangoo van off road or you need to be confident that you can always get where you need to go, the new Renault Kangoo X-Track van has all the toughness and capability you need for everyday use.

X-Track is a 4x2 technology for the Renault Kangoo, offering impressive performance on a variety of terrains, such as use on building sites, on poor quality roads, in forestry and farm work and for leisure use. The X-Track system comprises a limited slip differential, increased ground clearance, steel underbody protection and all-weather tyres. X-Track is permanently activated, so there’s no need for the driver to do anything – the system will respond as necessary, whenever it’s needed. The X-Track system takes the Renault Kangoo van to a new level of efficiency and versatility. Now you can enjoy all the economy and performance of the Kangoo, whatever the operating environment.

Highlights of the new Renault Kangoo X-Track van include:

  • Enhanced traction with X-Track technology
  • Grip Xtend and Hill Start Assist
  • Low load threshold and capable of taking up to 3.6m3
  • DAB radio with AUX input, CD, Bluetooth and USB (Tunepoint) connectivity
  • Eco Mode function

Kangoo X-Track – the efficient, smart van with more traction

To find out more about the new Renault Kangoo X-Track van, please call us or send us a Kangoo X-Track enquiry