How often should I service my Renault?

When Should I Service My Renault?

When should you service your Renault? Brayley Renault Milton Keynes is here to tell you

Your Renault deserves to be looked after as much as you deserve to have a Renault that looks after you. This is why Brayley Renault Milton Keynes wants to make sure you know when to get your car serviced

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A service ensures that everything on the car is working as it should and guarantees you the peace of mind that your car won’t let you down and is safe to drive.

  • Renault recommends its cars are serviced every year or 18,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The services are based on an A and B service schedule, the A service being due first and including a cabin filter replacement and the B service due next and including an oil and oil filter replacement. Following this schedule will ensure not only that your Renault is running at its best, but also that its resale value is being protected. With such great value servicing prices, it makes sense to get your car serviced regularly with Brayley Renault. For more information on our servicing products, see here.

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