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Electric Vehicle Brake Pads & Discs

Professional EV Brake Pad & Disc replacement at Brayley Renault

Renault electric vehicles are top spec, highly desirable and offer superb performance. Designed with your safety in mind, an important aspect of every Renault EV is its braking system. Carefully matched with the specification of the electric vehicle’s motor, chassis and other significant factors that work together to keep you safe, it’s vital that your Renault EV’s brake pads and brake discs are regularly checked and, if necessary, replaced by specialists who really know what they’re doing. For total reassurance, just book your EV in with our Renault-trained technicians and we’ll make sure your brakes operate the way Renault intended.

Renault EV front brake pads just £183

Renault EV front pads and discs just £295

Renault EV rear brake lining just £325

We’re often asked when and how often you should have the brake pads or the brake discs changed. Our specialist EV servicing team would be delighted to advise you after an inspection of your vehicle and also to offer you specific advice about your EV’s brakes. Our aim is to keep you and other road users safe, and that means ensuring your car has effective brakes. With so much expertise available and with so much investment in ensuring that Brayley Renault has all the right tools and equipment needed to work on Renault electric vehicles, you might think that replacing the brake pads or the brake discs on your EV might come at a premium. In fact, you’ll find that our prices are highly competitive – just take a look below and you’ll see what we mean.

Your Renault electric vehicle brakes – stop means stop

To find out more about electric vehicle brake pad and disc replacement, and to book your car in, please call us or send us an EV brakes enquiry
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