Brayley Renault Bodyshop

Make your car look like new again at Brayleys

At the Brayley Renault Bodyshop, we can sort out… everything. We can make small dings, dents, chips, scratches and scuffs, as well as major crash damage all disappear.

Contact our friendly team of Renault-trained paint and body technicians for a professional, comprehensive repair quotation today.

What you get with a Renault EasyLife Plan?


Common minor repairs we deal with include:

  • Dent removal
  • Scratch repair
  • Alloy wheel repair
  • Scuffs to bumpers and external plastic trim
  • Damage to interior plastic trim and seats
  • Glass repair to chips or cracks (windscreen repairs are often free under your insurance)


Major repairs

Should your Renault ever be involved in an accident, make sure you have it repaired by Renault experts. You have the right to specify to your insurer that you want your car repaired by your local Renault main dealer, the Brayleys Bodyshop.

We have Renault-trained technicians and Renault-specified repair tools and equipment. We use genuine Renault parts and the Renault-specified paint system. We can offer you total peace of mind that your car will be repaired to its pre-accident condition and its warranty maintained.

Brayley Renault Bodyshop: make your car as good as new

For more information about repairing your car at our Crash Repair Centre, please call us or send us an email

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