The New All New Kangoo Introducing the All New Kangoo

​All-New Renault KANGOO Van

New Renault van – fully updated and ready for business in 2022

Completely redesigned, the All-new Renault KANGOO van will offer you more comfort, improved efficiency and more style. Arriving at Brayley Renault Milton Keynes in 2022, register your interest today, and we’ll keep you informed of all the latest news on the KANGOO specifications and pricing.

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All new KANGOO has been crowned International Van of the Year award for 2022. The Pan-European jury, of 24 leading journalists specialising in commercial, industrial, and transport vehicles, placed Renault’s latest van in front of the 14 light commercial vehicles from 11 different brands that have also been released in recent months.

For the IVOTY jury, the main criteria for the International Van of the Year Award are the vehicles’ contribution to the efficiency, safety, sustainability, and environmental standards of the light commercial vehicle sector. This is the 4th time that a Renault commercial vehicle has won the IVOTY award: Master (1998), Trafic (2002), and Kangoo E-Tech (2012).

What’s New On The Outside?

It’s got a completely new look! The sleek front-end stands out, thanks to the stylish chrome line that runs across just above the bumper. Move round and the sculpted sides offer an even more distinct profile. Overall, this latest-generation van gives a sense of flow from front to back.

What’s New Inside?

Again, Renault has rung the changes across the interior with a focus on creating a car-like look and feel. There’s a new dashboard that runs horizontally across the car. Useful storage spaces take care of all those bits and pieces you need when you’re out and about away from base. The stylish changes continue with the seats – totally redesigned to maximise comfort and to make them more durable in a busy working environment.

All-new technology

The latest Renault EASY LINK system takes pride of place to provide you with all the information, entertainment and connectivity you need in your daily routine.

An array of Renault’s latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems will make doing business easier and safer on every journey. A new feature and a boon to van drivers, where a bulkhead all too often obstructs the rear view, is the permanent rear-view digital interior mirror.

Powered up and ready to go

Efficiency and the environment to the fore, the latest KANGOO will be available in a 100% electric version. The All-new KANGOO Z.E. means no tailpipe emissions, ultra-quiet driving and lower running costs.


The standard van will offer a volume of between 3.3m3 and 3.9m3. The longer version comes with between 4.2m3 and 4.9m3 of usable volume.

Our business-friendly, can-do team at Renault Milton Keynes would be delighted to talk KANGOO, discuss the current Renault van range and answer all your questions – please just get in touch.