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Seize the second with the Renault Captur

Make every second count with this 30 second Renault Captur video. Capturing the spirit of life and the spirit of the Renault Captur, this video is fun, fast and furious, as it shows how your life with the Captur could be all about opportunity and spontaneity, being in the moment and being of the moment.

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Boldly going into new design territory, taking you everywhere from the town to the open countryside, the agile and dynamic Captur is ready to put more passion in your life with its focus on comfort, touchscreen technology, driving aids and enhanced travelling pleasure. Watch this Renault Captur video to explore how a car can enhance your life and your dreams, then turn it all into reality when you try the Renault Captur for yourself at Brayleys.

Renault Captur - Every Second Counts video

Capturing life with the Renault Captur

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