Happy 60th Anniversary Renault 4

The iconic Renault 4 celebrates its 60th anniversary with online exhibition

With more than 8 million vehicles sold in over 100 countries, the Renault 4 is one of the most popular and successful vehicles ever made. This year, the Renault 4 celebrates its 60th anniversary. And to mark the occasion, Renault is hosting a special online exhibition, showcasing some of the rarest and most important models from the Renault 4’s history.

What makes the Renault 4 so iconic?

Early predecessor of the Renault Clio, the Renault 4 remains the most produced French car of all time.

Competitor to the successful, but now ageing, Citroen 2CV, Renault wanted to produce a car that was small, affordable, and could meet the needs of the modern French family. With a basic yet affordable construction, small but easy to maintain engines, and a now iconic design, the Renault 4 was so popular, it remained in production for 32 years.

With just 22hp and spongy suspension, the Renault 4 was ideal for France’s rural roads. When it was launched at the Paris Motor Show, visitors could sit in the car as it moved over an irregular rolling road tp showcase how bumps were easily absorbed.

By the 1980s, the Renault 4 had hardly changed but its competitors had caught up. It remained it production until 1993, but its popularity started to fall. During the 80s, the Renault 5 successor would become the new iconic Renault 5, but it was the Renault 4 that truly started Renault’s run of successful superminis.

Watch a preview of the Renault 4 60th Anniversary Exhibition

Watch a preview of the Renault 4 60th Anniversary Exhibition, featuring iconic models from the Renault 4’s history. From the original models in the 1960s, to various rally specials and rare variations, including the convertible Renault 4 Plein-Air (including an electric version), enjoy a sneak peek of what the Renault 4 60th Anniversary exhibition has to offer!

Renault 4 Timeline

⬇️ Jul 1961: the first R4 rolls off the production line
⬇️ Mar 1962: the R4 Super is introduced with a 747cc engine and 32bhp
⬇️ Jan 1965: Renault changes the name from ‘R4’ to ‘Renault 4’
⬇️ Jan 1967: Renault 4 gets it’s first facelift
⬇️ Jan 1970: seatbelts are fitted
⬇️ Sep 1971: engines upgraded to 782cc, but power remains at 27bhp
⬇️ Oct 1971: Fourgonnette van variant launched
⬇️ Jan 1974: Renault 4 gets a new grille and a larger fuel tank
⬇️ Jan 1976: Renault 4 Safari launched
⬇️ Sep 1977: 5 millionth Renault 4 built
⬇️ Jan 1978: Renault 4 GTL launched
⬇️ Jan 1986: Renault 4 GTL gets a new 956cc engine
⬇️ Jan 1993: Renault 4 production ends with 8,135,424 built worldwide

Fond memories of the R4 or just a fan?

Whether you owned a Renault 4 yourself or you’re just a fan of this fine French favourite, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email below or find us on Facebook for even more Renault 4 content.

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