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Petrol Cars

Should I buy a petrol car?

We would say so! Petrol cars are in big demand by our customers in all our dealerships. Especially with our wide range of petrol car offers and with the excellent petrol car finance options available at Brayleys, there are certainly many good reasons to buy one of our new or approved used petrol cars. If you would like to discuss petrol cars more with one of our dealership specialists, please give us a call or send us an enquiry. And we would be delighted to arrange a test drive of your choice of petrol car, especially if you’ve not driven petrol cars before.

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Brayleys Petrol Cars

What’s so good about petrol cars?

Petrol cars can offer you a lot of advantages. In general, you may well find that a petrol car is cheaper to buy, new or used, cheaper to run, cheaper to insure and cheaper to maintain. You’ll also tend to find that petrol cars are sportier and more fun to drive. Great for nipping around town, if you’re looking for a compact city car, like the Kia Picanto; absolutely amazing if you want all-out performance, like you’ll get from the Honda Civic Type R; pure exhilaration is all yours, if you go for a sports car, like the Mazda MX-5; and then there are the highly efficient petrol engines available on cars like the Renault Clio Play TCe 90 Eco 5d, with its 67.3mpg and a mere 94g/km of CO2 emissions.

Petrol Cars at Brayleys

Petrol cars – what’s the choice?

In fact, when you come to any of our Brayleys dealerships, you’ll find that we have a superb selection of petrol cars across all the brands that we’re proud to represent: Kia, Dacia, Mazda, Renault and Honda. And we have a superb selection of outstanding offers and approved used cars too. All these car manufacturers have invested millions of pounds into researching the continuous improvement of petrol engines to reduce CO2 emissions and increase the miles per gallon you get, whilst also maximising the performance and enjoyment you can enjoy every time you drive your petrol car.

And from all these manufacturers, petrol versions of their models are available, whether you’re looking to buy a city car, a supermini, a family car, an SUV, an MPV, a hot hatchback, a convertible, a saloon or an estate. The choice of petrol cars is wide, so just come along to any of our dealerships to find out more, or explore our extensive range of models to find your perfect petrol car:

Petrol cars – the future

Petrol-car technology is under constant development. Take Mazda, for example. Already renowned for the efficiency and performance of its SKYACTIV technologies to increase efficiency, Mazda is now developing Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI), a system that uses no spark plugs and could bring about a 30% increase in miles per gallon, as well as reductions in emissions. We hope to see this advanced technology available for the first time in a production vehicle in the 2018 Mazda3.

Meanwhile, ongoing improvements in technology in turbochargers, direct fuel injection systems, valve timing, new coatings for engine parts, cylinder deactivation and energy recovery are all constantly being researched, evolved and introduced into production vehicles to make sure that every new generation of petrol cars is even more fuel efficient, produces even more miles to the gallon and is still fun and exciting to drive.

The best way to discover the latest generation of petrol engine cars is to come along to your local Brayleys dealership. We’re always happy to talk about our cars and answer any of your questions.

Petrol cars: a superb choice for you, your family and the environment

To find out more about our petrol car ranges at Brayleys, please call us or send us a petrol car enquiry

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