Genuine OEM parts for superior performance and reliability

Brayleys will only use genuine manufacturer’s parts to repair your car

Making sure you have your car repaired using only genuine manufacturer’s parts is essential to keep your car true to its original specification. That’s why we always stock Honda parts, Kia parts, Mazda parts, Renault parts, Dacia parts and Mitsubishi parts – all genuine car parts and they’re all we will ever use when you entrust your car to us for repair at one of our franchised dealerships. We want to make sure you’re always safe and your car is at the top of its game, so enquire now about having your car repaired or serviced at Brayleys or to order your genuine manufacturer’s parts.

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At our dealerships, we represent Honda, Kia, Mazda, Renault, Dacia and Mitsubishi. All these manufacturers design and manufacture their cars to the highest specifications and tolerances, and only genuine manufacturer’s parts are designed and manufactured to be identical. By using genuine car parts, you can be sure that your car is being repaired to the exact same specifications for safety, performance and comfort that it had when it drove off the production line. Continuing reliability is also key in maintaining your enjoyment of your car, and genuine manufacturer’s parts are also designed to provide the ultimate peace of mind. Not only can you expect them to last longer and give better service, but you can also expect to save money by not needing to have the part replaced so often.

What’s more, you will benefit from your car manufacturer’s warranty on its genuine parts, when fitted by one of our manufacturer-trained technicians:

  • Mazda: 24 months/36,000 miles with no mileage limit during the first year
  • Renault: 12 months unlimited mileage warranty
  • Dacia: 12 months
  • Mitsubishi: 24 months
  • Kia: 24 months
  • Honda: 12 months
  • Honda Parts

    Make sure your Honda stays Honda with genuine parts...

    Honda PartsHonda Parts
  • Kia Parts

    Discover genuine Kia parts for sale at Brayleys...

    Kia PartsKia Parts
  • Mazda Parts

    The ultimate peace of mine with Mazda genuine parts...

    Mazda PartsMazda Parts
  • Renault Parts

    Take a look at genuine Renault parts that you can rely on...

    Renault PartsRenault Parts
  • Dacia Parts

    Keep your Dacia durable and reliable and familiarly affordable...

    Dacia PartsDacia Parts
  • Mitsubishi Parts

    Find your genuine Mitsubishi parts with Brayley Mitsubishi...

    Mitsubishi PartsMitsubishi Parts

Only use genuine manufacturer’s parts for your car; only use Brayleys

To find out more about the advantages of having your car repaired or serviced at Brayleys and the benefits of OEM parts, please call us or send us a car parts enquiry

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