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Brayleys only sell genuine manufacturer’s Car Spare Parts

Using only manufacturers genuine spare parts for service or repair is essential to keeping your car in original condition, maintaining your warranty and ensuring reliability and longevity.

That’s why at Brayleys, we always stock and use genuine Honda parts, Kia parts, Mazda parts, Renault parts, Dacia parts and Mitsubishi parts.

Our priority is to make sure you’re always safe and your car performs as you’d expect. Our friendly and knowledgeable car spares and service teams are on hand to assist you with any car parts orders as well as servicing enquiries. Simply click below for details.

At Brayleys we’re Main Dealers of Honda, Kia, Mazda, Renault, Dacia and Mitsubishi. These manufacturers design and construct their cars to the highest specifications and tolerances, and unlike un-branded after-market spares, only genuine manufacturer’s parts are identical to the original.

When you buy over the counter parts from us or have your car repaired or serviced, you can be sure the spare parts come with the same specifications for safety, performance and comfort as were fitted on the production line. As well as peace of mind, you can expect genuine parts to last longer and give better service as well as saving money by replaced parts less often.

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Honda Parts
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Mazda Parts
Mazda Parts
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Kia Parts
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Renault Parts
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Dacia Parts
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Mitsubishi Parts
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What’s more, at Brayleys you will benefit from your car manufacturer’s warranty on its genuine parts when fitted by one of our manufacturer-trained technicians:

✔️ Mazda: 24 months/36,000 miles with no mileage limit during the first year ✔️ Renault: 12 months unlimited mileage warranty ✔️ Dacia: 12 months ✔️ Mitsubishi: 24 months ✔️ Kia: 24 months ✔️ Honda: 12 months

Car Spare Parts 

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