Free Renault ZOE Home Fast Charger

Free Renault ZOE Home Fast-Charger

Get your new ZOE and get your free charger*

Renault has teamed up with Chargemaster to give you a free Renault ZOE home fast-charger. All you have to do to get your free 7KW wall-box and charger is buy an award-winning Renault ZOE*. Then you can charge your ZOE in under four hours in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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The Renault ZOE is the 100% electric car that comes with a lithium-ion battery on board with a range of up to 106 miles, depending on the model. You’ll need a safe, up-to-date electrical system in your home and off-street parking for your ZOE, with a cable run of less than 20 metres, then your free charger can be fitted in under six hours. Additionally, you’ll be able to apply for a POLAR Network Card, giving you access to over 3,000 roadside chargers across the UK.

Advantages of the Chargemaster home charger include:

  • Tested by Renault and fully compatible with the ZOE
  • Can be used under cover or outdoors
  • Secure key-controlled access
  • Ergonomic design and made from ABS in the UK
  • Free access to Chargevision for four years for online access to your consumption data

Free ZOE home charger: no fuss, clean and easy

To find out more about the Renault ZOE and getting your free home charger, please call us or send us a free Renault ZOE home fast-charger enquiry
*Based on eligibility of the Renault wallbox included offer and meeting the qualifying criteria of the OLEV (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) subsidy of £500.00 (including VAT). Full Terms and conditions Based on a standard single-phase domestic installation, carried out by 1 man within a maximum of 6 man hours – cable run under 20 metres, no civil works and no electrical remedial work required, asbestos free site, working at normal height. Other costs may apply to a specific installation, which will be confirmed before any work is undertaken. Indicative information – subject to transmission of data and O2 network coverage. The key qualifying criteria for a subsidised homecharger is to prove ownership/primary use of an EV, live in a home with modern household electrical installation and have off-street parking and/or a garage. Finally you need to agree that you will not be claiming back the VAT on the installation and to have the charger’s electrical consumption data monitored by OLEV for a period of 3 years from the date of installation homecharge-scheme-guidance-for-customers-2015.pdf Your vehicle must equally be on the approved plug-in car grant list -