Renault Clio 25th anniversary, Brayley Renault Milton Keynes

Renault Clio 25th Anniversary

The Renault Clio is officially 25 years young

A true classic, the Renault Clio may have seen many transformations and upgrades since its launch 25 years ago, but what hasn’t changed is the Clio’s ability to bring passion into the everyday.

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With the Renault Clio, the desire is in the details. The sporty rear shoulders, expressive front end and sumptuous curves give the Clio its instantly recognisable, alluring silhouette. But, the Clio is not just a pretty face.

You can use the Handsfree Keycard to remotely lock, unlock and start your Clio and, once inside, enjoy easy access to technologies such as navigation and smartphone connectivity with Renault’s MediaNav.

For your journeys advanced safety features such as Electronic Stability Control and Hill Start Assist make the Clio a safe car for all the family. While efficiency technologies such as Stop & Start and Energy Smart Management give the Clio a competitive edge in lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

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To celebrate the Clio’s anniversary, Renault have created the Clio Iconic 25 Nav Special Edition filled with exclusive features. With nine Clio models available, ignite your passion with the Renault Clio available at Brayley Renault.

Renault Clio 25th Anniversary: some things just keep getting better with age

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