Kia at the 2016 SEMA Show

Kia at SEMA

Kia illustrated just what’s possible with autonomous driving, with these exciting custom vehicles

Autonomous driving is currently a thing of the future, but Kia at SEMA 2016 demonstrated just how exciting the potential for this technology is, by unveiling four all-new customised vehicles that make the most of this technology. Visualising a motoring landscape, which will not only be driven by autonomous vehicles, but by cars that are tailor-built to our lifestyles, this year’s top modified Kia cars shown at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) give us a glimpse into a future where our cars will be an even more perfect fit for our lives than they are today.

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Niro Triathlon

Kia’s autonomous Niro Triathlon has been designed as the ultimate training partner for triathletes. Removal of the rear roof section creates a small bed with a custom bike rack. There’s a safety-laser, bike-lane light mounted to the rear, which can illuminate the road behind the vehicle, so athletes can cycle behind, while the Niro autonomously keeps pace and tracks the rider’s progress. Removal of the passenger-side B-pillar means easy entry into a cabin designed for comfort, while the back door has been modified to open on a rear-pivot hinge and the front door redesigned to open wider. Not having to drive, the athlete is cosseted in an ultra-comfortable ‘Human Touch zero gravity ergonomic reclining chair’ and there are custom cabinets holding essential supplies, clothing and parts. It even has a portable shower. Explore the current Kia Niro.

School of Rock Sedona

With this car, Kia is imagining a world when vehicles transport children, while parents get on with their busy lives. Partnering with School of Rock, this rolling recording studio features exactly what aspiring musicians need: a studio and a place to hang out. The stunning hand-painted School of Rock imagery hides the super-safe body of the Sedona, so parents can be assured their kids will make it to the show safely. With no driver controls, there’s room for more music-making equipment, including a microphone that hangs from the ceiling, and studio-quality acoustic foam panels that line the interior to reduce exterior noise. There is also storage on the roof for guitars, bass guitars and a myriad of other instruments.

Sorento Ski Gondola

Taking the idea of a sport utility vehicle to new heights – in both senses of the word – this custom Kia Sorento can get skiers up to the top of any snowy mountain run, with Dominator rubber tracks to make it a go-anywhere, cold-weather machine. A custom metal roof rack provides ample storage for skis and poles, while the cargo area provides abundant space for boots, bags and other gear, all easily accessible, thanks to rear access doors. Up front, LED light bars provide increased visibility in all conditions. Throughout the interior, the floor has been given a durable waterproof Line-X treatment to protect against the ice and snow, but there’s still leather upholstery to give the Gondola a touch of luxury. Take a look at the current Kia Sorento.

Soul First Class

The Soul First Class is an upscale inter-city vehicle that lets business travellers work and relax as they journey to out-of-town meetings. It has a wide array of luxury enhancements, a revamped front dash which houses two rear-facing front seats and loads of high-end technology such as a 40-inch Samsung LED TV connected to a Mac mini computer system and premium audio speakers. A custom motorised centre console reveals two tablets as well. First-class comfort is guaranteed with white and grey leather with diamond stitching throughout, and modern grey wood flooring. Don't forget to take a look at the new Kia Soul!

Telluride Concept

The Telluride doesn’t feature autonomous technology, but does give a more accurate glimpse into Kia’s passenger car future. It’s a seven-passenger, luxury hybrid SUV concept, and features a modern, muscular stance and state-of-the-art technology. Telluride’s front doors and rear-hinged back doors swing open 90 degrees in opposing directions, revealing a luxurious interior that features black leather captain’s seats that appear to float within the cabin and a folding third-row bench behind them. The middle seats can recline nearly flat, and all four front seats include Smart Sensors to capture a passenger’s vital health information, which the car then uses to adjust the interior settings to provide a suitably relaxed environment. Telluride is 4.4-inches taller, 4.7-inches wider and 9.5-inches longer than the current Sorento.

It might be a while before autonomous driving is commonplace, but as these custom cars prove, Kia is ready for that time with some exciting ideas. To find out more about future Kia models that will bring you a step closer to these cutting-edge concepts, contact Brayley Kia now.

Kia at SEMA: a glimpse at the future of motoring

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