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Fuel saving tips from Kia

Save fuel and save pounds – it’s easy to do with these fuel saving tips from Kia. Kia has produced a really useful video showing you how to get the very best fuel economy with only a few simple and easy to follow steps when you’re driving your Kia.

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Here’s a summary of the main points, but take a look at the video for all the details.

  • Don’t carry around lots of stuff you don’t need – extra weight requires more fuel to shift it
  • ISG, Intelligent Stop and Go, on your Kia can save up to 12% on your fuel usage
  • Avoid traffic jams by travelling when the roads are less congested whenever possible
  • Read the road ahead to avoid heavy acceleration and braking
  • Turn off heating and air conditioning when they’re not needed
  • Cutting your speed from 70mph to 50mph can save up to 25% on your fuel use
  • Keep your tyres at the recommended pressures
  • Have your Kia regularly serviced at the recommended service intervals

Want to know more? Take a look at this informative Kia video

Kia – more mpg for your £.

To find out more about maximising your fuel economy with a Kia, please call us or send us a Kia servicing enquiry