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Drive Wise – a leap into the future of driving

Are you ready to go autonomous? Kia is. Announcing Kia Drive Wise at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Kia has set out its stall on how it will move forward from safety and driver assistance technologies to fully autonomous cars by 2030. Watch the video to see all the advantages.

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Do you remember that 1980’s sci-fi car that would look after its owner and could drive itself? Well, reality is catching up. At CES, Kia was already showing a host of intelligent systems, including technology that can keep a car in its own lane or act to pass other cars, low-speed adaptive cruise control for city driving, updated by local traffic information and new machine interface functions. Kia is now committed to a major programme of investment, and the launch of Drive Wise, Kia’s name for its autonomous car technology brand, is intended to result in a gradual inclusion of autonomous technology in its vehicles, with full autonomy available by 2030. What’s more, Kia has already been granted a licence to test its autonomous technology in Nevada in a version of the Kia Soul. Take a peek at the future in Kia’s video – what would you get your car to do for you?

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