Honda NSX EV Concept ‘Pikes Peak’

Honda NSX EV Concept ‘Pikes Peak’

Honda is set to charge up the famous hill climb with an all-electric NSX

Anything but static, Honda is set to charge to the top of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with a special Honda NSX EV Concept. An experimental, all-wheel drive, fully electric version of the already legendary new Honda NSX, the EV Concept features a further evolution of the powertrain that won last year’s Pikes Peak Challenge Exhibition Class.

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Building on Honda’s heroic motorsport history, a special electric version of the NSX has been built complete with the latest version of a four-motor Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system, otherwise known as SH-AWD. Last year, Honda charged to the top of the hill with a special CR-Z and won its exhibition class. This year, Honda is hoping to do the same with a heavily modified version of the new NSX supercar.

With huge aero for maximum downforce as it climbs to the top of the hill, the NSX features a large front splitter as well as an enormous rear wing to help push the car down onto the road. Complementing the new four-wheel drive all-electric system that uses one motor on each wheel, the NSX should provide exceptional handling as it powers across all sorts of terrain.

Being fully electric, the NSX also has a major advantage. As cars climb the hill, the air gets thinner which can effect performance of traditional combustion engine vehicles. Since the NSX is all-electric, this will prove to be no problem and optimum performance should be had throughout the entire 156 corners of the drive up Pikes Peak.

Charging to the top: NSX EV Pikes Peak

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