Honda NeuV Concept

New Honda NeuV Concept

The intelligent Honda electric car that can earn you money

The NeuV is Honda’s pure-electric concept car. Pronounced ‘new-vee’, which stands for New Electric Urban Vehicle, the electric Honda concept car has been conceived with the startling fact in mind that privately owned vehicles sit idle for 96% of their life. By functioning as an automated ride-sharing vehicle when its owner isn’t using it, and selling energy back to the electric grid when sitting idle, this is the electric Honda that could earn you money.

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Honda NUEV Concept design

As well as being clever enough to be able to pick up and drop off paying customers at local destinations, the Honda NeuV concept car is also a thoughtful and helpful AI assistant with an ‘emotion engine’. Called HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant), it learns by detecting a driver’s emotions and decisions, and then makes decisions itself based on those experiences. It’s simple and easy to use just like the full Honda model range, with a full touch-panel interface that accesses all the Honda electric car’s clever systems. It also has outstanding visibility courtesy of a sweeping panoramic windscreen and dramatically sloping window line and a complete side panel that opens out and backwards to make getting in and out of its two-seat interior easier. There’s even an electric scooter that can be stored and recharged in the NeuV’s boot.

Honda NeuV Concept: driving owners to a money-making future

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