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The Honda Clarity

The dream of cheap fuel and no pollution: Honda Clarity

Honda’s Clarity fuel-cell powered car has been revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show and it has an amazing story to tell. Honda is a pioneer of fuel-cell technology, using hydrogen to power a new generation of cars. What’s more hydrogen is probably the most common element in the universe, so it will never run out, and it produces zero emissions.

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With this next generation of technology, Honda can boast that the fuel-cell powered car revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show has a range and power that is comparable to a similar petrol or diesel powered car – that’s a range of 435 miles and 177PS power output. The car can be refuelled in around three minutes, so not a lot different to going to the pumps today, and certainly much faster than waiting for a battery to recharge. In this new car, the size of the fuel-cell stack and the power unit have been reduced to the same size as a conventional V6 engine, mainly due to the new technology that Honda has incorporated that offers more power output, whilst reducing the thickness of each cell by some 20%.

However, before you rush down to your local Brayley Honda in Middlesex and Hertfordshire to buy your new fuel-cell powered car, there are a few challenges to overcome. The main issue currently is that there are so few places in the UK where you can refuel with hydrogen, one being at Honda in Swindon, and the second downer is that, for the time being, Honda will only be introducing these cars to the European market in a limited way on a trial basis to promote the new technology. But Honda Clarity could really be a signpost to the future, once all the infrastructure is in place for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

If you’re lucky enough to see the Honda Clarity, watch out for:

  • Two driving modes: Sport and Normal
  • Full-LED headlights
  • 18” aluminium wheels
  • Perfectly smooth acceleration with no gears
  • Seating for five adults

Honda Clarity: finding the fuel of the future

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