New Honda Civic Tourer Bike Rack

New Honda Civic Tourer Bike Rack

Innovative in-car bike rack makes the Civic Tourer even better for adventure

Making use of the enormous luggage space, the new Honda Civic Tourer bike rack is an innovative way of transporting your bicycle inside. Improving safety, security and fuel efficiency compared with traditional bike racks, what was once a concept is now available to order.

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A regular bike rack can be tricky to fit, reduces rear visibility and can be dangerous if not used properly. Honda came up with a solution in the form of the Civic Tourer ‘Active Life Concept’ in 2015 that shows how the load space of the Civic Tourer was big enough to house bicycles with ease. The response to the idea was exceptional and so Honda has made the concept a reality and built an innovative new in-car bike rack.

Capable of taking two full-sized bicycles, the Honda in-car bike rack houses racing bikes comfortably by simply removing the front wheel. With the rack positioned inside the car, this helps reduce drag and therefore limits the effect on the Civic Tourer’s Guinness World Record fuel economy title. An aluminium rail is mounted into the boot well, sliding brackets are then attached to the rail which feature a T-bar for the bike’s front fork to slot into.

This flexible system means a range of bicycles can be accommodated, as well as different combinations of passengers and luggage. A driver and passenger can sit up front with two bicycles in the rack or just 40% of the rear bench can be folded with just one bike in place.

Love your bike, love Honda’s in-car bike rack

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